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Koç Holding A.Ş. English (United States) About Human Resources The Benefits Provided To Koc Group Employees

The Benefits Provided To Koc Group Employees

The KoçAilem (Koç Family) Programme "is a complete framework of benefits and incentives that contribute to enhancing the quality of life of Koç Group employees as members of the Koç Group Family and nurtures them at every stage of their lives."

These stages, important to all employees, include banking procedures on starting-up at Koç, (i.e. credit cards, loans); insurance policies; automobile and home purchases; marriage and family planning; continuing education; vacations; training and self-learning opportunities for family members. The greatest strength of the Koç Group is the fact that our group companies can supply all these needs. With the KoçAilem Programme, Koç Group employees are provided with special advantages for the products and services offered by Koç Group companies, as well as given additional advantages on certain occasions and during seasonal campaigns.

Together with these opportunities, the KoçAilem Programme also includes social activities and corporate social responsibility projects, which heighten an employee's awareness of what it means to be a Koç Group employee.

Koç Pension and Support Fund Foundation
Founded on November 1, 1967, the Koç Holding Pension and Support Fund Foundation is a corporate pension plan that provides additional social security and financial support, a fund available to all Koç Group employees who are also beneficiaries of the official Turkish Social Insurance Institution (SSK).

Every employee who begins to work at any of the Koç Group companies becomes a member of the Koç Holding Pension and Support Fund Foundation.

Here are the benefits and services provided to our members:
•​ Occupational indemnity against unforeseen circumstances such as death, inability to work due to sickness, and physical incapacity;
• A lump payment or a monthly pension at retirement or when a membership ends;
• Financial support for meeting certain needs and for acquiring a home; and
• Private health insurance to include the spouses and children of employees.​

Once employees become foundation members, they begin paying monthly premiums from their salaries (ratios are cited below) on the condition that the premiums do not exceed the annual ceiling determined by the foundation's board of directors. The companies also contribute an equal premium on the employee's behalf. For the premiums, gross salaries net of social security and corporate taxes are taken as a basis for the calculation. The premiums deducted from monthly salaries include 6 percent each from the members and from the companies.

Koç Group Sports Club and Sports Festival
This year 27th Koç Group Sports Festival took place to provide a connection between Koç Group companies, to strengthen community culture, to help our employees develop their physical and mental health and to help them value their free time. Over 3,700 community employees participated in this year's festival in 13 different branches.

Koç Group Sports Club, which was established in order to promote sports and social opportunities for our employees, has been continuing its activities since 2012. Sports organizations, branch schools and trainings are organized within the association for our employees and their families.