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Koç Holding A.Ş. (EN) About Human Resources Training and Development Planning Process

Training and Development Planning Process

​​​The Koç Academy is an improvement and sharing platform where the activities that support the improvement of Koç Group employees are planned by taking into consideration the needs of the Group, the company, and the individual.

The main benefits of this system comprise the following: 

• Complements and increases the efficiency of other HR systems
• Manages and centralizes common areas of improvement in the Group
• Provides the best up-to-date training and improvement resources for our companies
• Manages the improvement needs of the Group and the companies in a single platform 
• Fosters a rich environment for improvement, using various methods and tools​
• Increases interaction, sharing, and synergy among companies and employees
• Compels employees to assume more responsibility for their own improvement
• Prepares and continually monitors the improvement plan for each employee
• Gives employees opportunities to shape their own career paths

The process is accomplished in three main steps:​

Step 1:
The areas where each employee must improve over the next term are based on the “sources of improvement needs,” defined by the following:

• 360-degree evaluation
• Potential Assessment
• Company-specific evaluation
• Performance targets
• Requirements of the position 
• Demands of managers
• Expectations of employees
• Mandatory areas of improvement​​

Step 2: Improvement plans are prepared based on the identified areas of improvement and with the help of opinions and guidance from the employee’s manager and the company’s human resources and training departments. 
Step 3: This is the step where improvement activities, cited in the improvement plan, take place. Employees realise their own improvement under the supervision and assistance of their managers and human resources and training departments. During this process, follow-up meetings are held during the year and evaluation meetings at the end of the year. The evaluation meeting at the end of the year is followed by the planning meeting for the next year.

In-house and out-of-company training is given to employees at all levels according to the requirements of their career progression plans, and employees are given the opportunity to rotate among the group companies. The purpose is to achieve personal improvement within the framework of organisational improvement.

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