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For My Country

​“For My Country” project is a Koç Holding social responsibility initiative that was launched in 2006 to encourage the spread ​of individual entrepreneurship as part of the concept of responsible citizenship. The Project strives to create a participatory attitude that encourages Koç Holding companies, employees, dealers and suppliers to become involved in solving social problems. “For My Country” project focuses on a particular social need every two years. In the 2006-2007 implementation periods, For My Country led to the realization of 387 local projects in support of local development, whereas in 2008-2009, in the latest phase of the Project, 1,084,000 saplings were planted in seven For My Country forests around the country with environmental education provided to 18,000 children. The 2010-2011 implementation period of the “For My Country” project focused on increasing the number of volunteer and regular blood donors through raising the awareness among 103,000 people. At the end of this phase of the project, Koç Holding gained the distinction of collecting the highest number of blood donations, at 83,579 units, through the efforts of a single enterprise.

Between 2012 and 2015, the “For My Country” project is collaborating with the Alternative Life Association and the United Nations Development Program in the “No Barriers for My Country” project. The objective of this project is to create social awareness and sensitivity to the subject of the disabled and to serve as a role model in the practices that will have a lasting impact on the professional and social lives of the handicapped. By May 2012, this project had raised the awareness of 125,982 people at 34 Koç Holding companies, through the efforts of Koç Holding employee volunteers, and in 36 provinces, through our distributors acting as “For My Country” ambassadors. Some 372 volunteers were prepared as instructors under the Right Approach to Disability training program and 2,433 training sessions were held. In addition, 1,361 projects designed to make our companies, distributorships and stores disabled-friendly were carried out. Under the project, legal regulations governing the employment of the disabled were monitored and work got underway to develop products and services for disabled consumers. Some 39 social responsibility endeavors were launched in support of the project through inter-company cooperation and NGO-public institution collaboration. ​

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