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İstanbul Biennial


Koç Holding assumed the sponsorship of International Istanbul Biennial organized by Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation for 20 years, between 2007 and 2026.

The purpose for the sponsorship is to create awareness of contemporary art especially in young population and to introduce contemporary art to people who have no prior experience with it. As a contemporary art event that directly touches on social problems, Istanbul Biennial will thus revive public interest in contemporary art which is not adequately known in our country.

Among all art events held in Turkey, Istanbul Biennial has become the most comprehensive art event that also draws the highest global interest.

15th Istanbul Biennial will take place between September 16th and November 12th 2017. The Biennial titled “A Good Neighbour” will be curated by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset.

In the meantime, Koç Holding will also aim to expand the reach of the Biennial by sponsoring and organizing various projects; with the goal of offering a free contemporary art experience to a wider range of visitors from all age groups especially to the student body. Thus, the Biennial will excite public curiosity for exploring museums and exhibitions as well as enhancing the global image of Istanbul.