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Koç Sports Fest


Koç Holding and its affiliates started Koç Fest in 2006 to bring music and entertainment to universities, create a special festival for students, and to start a tradition. Koç Fest has been to 34 cities and organized 89 festivals in its ten year history. Koç Holding, as a company that believes sports plays a role in improving quality of life, was also the main sponsor of the Turkish University Games, which was held by the Turkish University Sports Federation in 2009. Thereby, the most prestigious and highest attendance sporting event among Turkish universities has become known as the Turkish Koç Fest University Games and Koç Holding has become an essential part of the festival. Through this initiative, Koç Fest became the largest youth festival in Turkey, bringing together sports, music and fun under one umbrella. Since 2009, Koç Fest has hosted more than 22,000 athletes in more than 45 disciplines from 185 universities every year. Some of the athletes and teams successful at annual sporting events regularly represent Turkey at international events sponsored by Koç Holding. In 2015, Koç Fest once again visited seven universities with the grand finale being held at Isparta Suleyman Demirel University with approximately 5,000 students in attendance.