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Koç Sports Fest


Within the framework of Koç Sports Fest (KSF) which was launched by Koç Holding and its Group companies in 2006 with the aim of creating special festival for students and a new tradition, visits were carried out to 38 cities over 13 years and a total of 1,135 festivals were organized. With the belief that sport creates healthier individuals and societies, Koç Holding became the main sponsor for the Turkey University Sports Federation in 2009. The “Turkey Koç Sports Fest University Games” were added to the structure of KSF, placing it as the most prestigious sports event held among universities with the largest participation of any sports organization.

The event currently hosts more than 26 thousand athletes in 62 different branches of sport from 185 universities. Every year, a number of athletes and teams who achieve success in the competitions represent Turkey in international events with the support of Koç Holding. Interviews and panels started to be organized with the aim of spreading the culture of sport and to ensure that sport is accepted as an integral part of life for young people, under the name of “KSF Talks” from 2018, with an expanding subject range, and important names in different branches of sport, nutrition, careers, gender equality, digital transformation met university students.

KSF, which is supported by the Koç Group companies, is also the largest project realized together as Group companies. KSF was held in 2018 with the participation of Arçelik, Avis, Aygaz, Beko, Bilkom, Fiat, Ford, Koçtaş, Opet, Setur, Tat, Tüpraş, and Yapı Kredi brands.

Winter games that include skiing and snowboarding have been included in the project since 2016. The aim is to expand the scope of KSF’s interaction with students over the years, and to be able to host more sports branches. Following the Erciyes and Erzurum stages in 2017, more than 600 students from 41 universities participated in the competitions held in Erzurum Palandöken in 2018.

KSF creates an ecosystem that combines the effect of having thousands of athletes visiting the cities and preparing and implementing processes with hundreds of different suppliers and a team of 400 people each year, thereby revitalizing local economies. An Olympic atmosphere is created especially with the participation of more than 5 thousand athletes in the final leg. KSF visited seven universities in 2018 and the grand final event was held at Çukurova University in Adana.

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