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Koç Holding A.Ş. (EN) Activity Fields Projects Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter For The Nation

Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter For The Nation

​​​​​​​​Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter For The Nation (MLMM) Project is initiated in 2006 with collaboration of Vehbi Koç Foundation, Ministry of National Education and Koç Holding, with the intention of creating awareness in all segments of society on the importance of vocational technical education, and leading the community in order to spread seeds of cooperation between the government and the business world.

By time, the project has so far been involved in by 264 vocational high schools and 8,000 vocational high school students, as well as by 20 Koç Group Companies of different scales and industries, and by over 350 employees as volunteers.

As a part of the project, various companies are matched to vocational high schools giving education in their fields of business, in order not only to increase the employability of youngsters, but also to contribute to training of qualified human resources needed by companies.

These matches have by time spread from scholarship, internship and volunteer mentorship supports provided to vocational high school students to curriculum, materials and laboratory supports to schools with the intention of improving the educational infrastructure and contents in schools, thereby adapting them to the cutting-edge technologies, depending on the needs and facilities of schools and companies.

This structure, named by time as “School - Company Matching Model” with the addition of such components as scholarship, curriculum, laboratory, internship, personal and vocational development and employment supports, is based upon the aim of building bridges between education and business world by developing industry-based collaborations between vocational schools and business enterprises. As a part of its “the Vocational High Schools: A Matter of Country (MLMM) Project”, Koç Holding is striving to spread its above cited model in corporate, industrial and political levels.

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