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Developments in the automotive sector  
Turkey’s automotive market contracted by 23% annually in 2019, having already plunged by 35% in 2018. According to figures published by the Automotive Industry Association (OSD), total sales stood at 492 thousand vehicles. The cut in special consumption tax, introduced on 31 October 2018 in order to support the sector, expired at the end of June 2019. On the other hand, the scrap incentives, which remained in place throughout 2019, along with decrease in interest rates and the recovery in Turkish Lira helped support domestic demand. In 2019, sales of passenger cars declined by 20% to 387 thousand units while sales of light commercial vehicles decreased by 32% to 92 thousand units. Heavy commercial vehicle sales contracted by 38% to 13 thousand units.

According to figures published by the OSD, Turkey’s automotive exports declined by 5% YoY in unit terms in 2019, rounding off the year at 1.3 million vehicles. Export revenues stood at USD 31 billion, with a decrease of 3%. The automotive sector maintained its leading position in Turkey’s exports. In Europe, our most important export market, passenger car demand increased by 1% while demand for light commercial vehicles rose by 3% compared to the previous year. Despite weak demand in the domestic market, a robust export performance limited the contraction in automotive production, which ended the year with a 6% annual contraction to 1.5 million units.

The Turkish bus market shrank by more than 50% in 2019. The contraction in sales was nearly 58% in city buses. On the other hand, bus exports increased by 17% while exports of small buses increased by 3%.

Developments in the tractor market
Turkey is the 3rd largest tractor market in Europe in terms of number of tractors sold. According to TurkStat figures, Turkey’s tractor market size stood at 26 thousand units in 2019, implying a 46% annual contraction. The decline in the market was mainly caused by rising input costs leading to a decrease in the purchasing power of farmers.

According to the figures published by the Turkish Agricultural Tools and Machinery Manufacturers Association (TARMAKBİR), exports increased by 5% to reach 17 thousand units.

Developments in the defense industry
While domestic and national industry concept remained at the forefront in the domestic defence industry market, the sector focused mainly on export markets. In 2019, the export items of the Turkish defence industry, land systems has been the most growing area with exports increasing by 73%.

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