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Established in 2000 with a production capacity of 300 thousand units, Arçelik-LG today boasts an annual capacity of 1.5 million units and 691 personnel. Indirectly, the Company creates employment for around 1,000 individuals in the supply chain.

Arçelik-LG is the largest air-conditioner manufacturer in the Middle and Near East, and Europe. Its innovative approach, strong technological infrastructure and extensive distribution and service network help the Company to maintain leadership in the domestic market with a share of over 50%. The Company currently exports nearly 40% of its air-conditioner production mainly to Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

In response to intensifying competition in the market, Arçelik-LG has completed R&D work on a new Inverter model with high energy efficiency (A++ and above) and lower cost, for roll out in 2017.As a result, exports to EU countries resumed after a long interval. Thanks to the Santez project realized via a partnership between universities and the industry, the Company completed the design stages for its “Smart-Interactive Air-Conditioner” products.

In the commercial air-conditioners segment, Arçelik-LG’s R&D Department has designed and produced fan-coil units. As a result, Arçelik-LG now offers a wider range of domestically produced commercial air-conditioners.

Arçelik-LG has capitalized on its production capabilities to domestically produce the previously imported highproductivity exchangers used by the Arçelik Dryer Plant for its high end dryers. The plant has now started to manufacture dryers with higher productivity, leading to reduced costs and a sharper competitive edge.

As a result of the global quality audit performed by LG in its air conditioner factories, the Arçelik-LG air-conditioner factory placed first worldwide.

Outlook, targets and strategies for 2017
While providing Turkish consumers with high-quality energy-efficient products and maintaining domestic market leadership; the Company’s strategic aim outside Turkey is to grow profitably in Europe, CIS and the Middle East. In addition, it continues to focus on increasing its market share in the newly-developing commercial air-conditioner segment by expanding its product range and maintaining its leadership through investments and design work.