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Established in 1992 and joined Koç Group at the end of 2002 with a 50% partnership, OPET is engaged in retail sales in the fuel distribution sector, commercial and industrial fuels, mineral oils, storage and international trade. With its strong infrastructure, realistic vision and its confidence in the country, OPET who allocated a significant budget on infrastructure investments since its establishment has become the fastest and the most consistently growing petroleum company of the last 15 years.

In the period January-December 2015, OPET with a consumption of 4.745.053 m3 in white products, and completed of the year with a market share of 17.65 in white products. In black products, it has ranked second in the sector with a consumption of 734.182 tons and a market share of 11,4. OPET operates with a total of 1503 stations including 1060 stations under OPET brand and 443 stations under SUNPET brand. Maintaining a great competitive advantage to OPET, storage capacity of the company rose to 1,115,193 m³ with five separate terminals across the country. It has made additional capacity increases in its Marmara Terminal in 2009. With investments ongoing, OPET will strengthen its competitive power in the sector.

Sectoral Leader in Customer Satisfaction
OPET has been the most satisfactory brand in the eyes of the customer for 8 consecutive years according to KalDer Turkish Customer Satisfaction Index, and it was also selected as the brand with the highest customer loyalty level in the sector in the new measurement system ‘“Turkish Customer’s Voice” research.

Pioneer in Social Responsibility
Having adopted the focus on social responsibility as a corporate culture OPET has its signature under several social responsibility projects since its establishment and is currently implementing several other projects. OPET makes difference in the sector with its new products and services, fast growing station network, and social responsibility projects, i.e. “Clean Toilet Campaign”, “Green Road”, “Exemplary Village”,,“Respect for History” and “Traffic Detectives”.

2016 and onward
OPET has based its targets and strategies for the future term on increasing its competitive power with a focus on its basic competitive advantages. The aim is to strengthen the infrastructure in order to ensure implementation of different and successful campaigns and projects, improvement of quality of service, and utilization of marketing methods in the most effective and actual fashion. Thereby, not only the leadership in customer satisfaction will be preserved, but also the improvement of the market share and the continued growth of the company will be ensured.

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