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Developments in the banking sector
2019 become a year of correction for Turkey’s economy and the banking sector as planned. While growth turned out to be lower than expected in the global economy, it remained stable in Turkey on the back of investor interest, despite the continuation of the economic slowdown in China, trade wars and regional instability.

After the rebalancing period in the first half of 2019, the decisions taken by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey (CBRT) to lower interest rates during the year contributed to the recovery in the economy. Throughout this period, the CBRT’s easing monetary policies, the improving levels of inflation, the normalization in funding costs and strong coordination between legal, financial and monetary authorities contributed to the improvement in the banking sector.

In 2019, relatively cautious growth was observed in loan volumes. Total loans grew by 10% to TL 2,552 billion while the total deposit base rose by 22% to TL 2,470 billion.

In this process, while there was some deterioration in the sector’s asset quality, despite the TL 9.2 billion in sales of nonperforming loans realized throughout the year, the ratio of non-performing loans increased by 155 basis points to reach 5.2%.

In 2019, net profit of the sector decreased by 8% to TL 47.3 billion and return on equity stood at 10.8%. On the capital front, the sector’s capital adequacy ratio was realized at 18%. ​


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