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Koçfinans provides retail and corporate credit solutions to its customers in many areas of life, from automotive, white goods and home electronics to education.

In 2018, in order to expand its product and customer range, Koçfinans added a new business model that focuses directly on the consumer to the list of financial services it provides through its business partners. The Company receives 18% of its loan applications from online channels via its digital application platform. Koçfinans also extended its portfolio diversification strategy into its business model.

In order to digitize its processes and to provide new channels to its customers, Koçfinans started to use digital contracts for all white good and electronics loans and 63% of its contact with credit customers were carried out through the Digital Branch in 2018.

Believing in the importance of technological initiatives and establishing an ecosystem around these initiatives, the Company held meetings with more than 100 start-up and fintech companies in 2018 and was awarded a grant in the Big Bang Entrepreneurship Contest as one of ITU Çekirdek’s stakeholders.

In 2018, the Company strengthened its liquidity position by focusing more on financial risk management given volatility in markets.

In 2018, Koçfinans reached a loan portfolio of TL 3.1 billion with 121 thousand customers and TL 4 billion of assets.

Koçfinans’ short-term national credit rating (TR) stands at A1+ with a long-term national credit rating (TR) of AA ( -).

Forward-looking expectations
Koçfinans aims to continue to exchange information with fintechs in order to create a solid foundation in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in 2019 and maintain cooperations that offer mutual benefits. In addition, the Company, which focuses on digitization in all of its processes and business models, will continue to work to ensure that retail credit contracts are 100% digital.

Koçfinans will continue to invest in technology to create payment alternatives for shopping platforms and high frequency mobile transactions by providing integration to e-commerce sites in 2019.

The Company also targets to expand its customer database and establish a robust communication model based on customer analytics by focusing on the end-to-end customer experience in product management.


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