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Total assets in 2016: TL 3.8 billion
Established to provide customers with financing alternatives at sales locations, Koçfinans delivers loan services, primarily in the automotive sector but also in white goods, education, motorcycles, mortgage and housing development. Koçfinans provides financial solutions, without the intermediation of branches, via dealers who sell the products and services covered by the loan.

In 2016, Koçfinans expanded its loan portfolio with fleet loans and dealer inventory financing products for the automotive market in addition to new car and second-hand auto loans. As a result, the Company reported 20% growth over the prior year, with its loan portfolio climbing to TL 3.4 billion. In the housing development and education sectors, the client portfolio expanded significantly with the number of its customers doubling in the last two years.

Under the “Innovation and Digital Transformation” programs of Koç Holding, Koç Finansman initiated efforts related to cultural awareness and transformation with the aim of standing out in today’s digitized world with innovative products and services. As part of the “New Things Innovation Program,” new business ideas from employees were turned into projects to be implemented in the Company.

In 2016, Koçfinans’ short term national credit rating was upgraded to (TR) A1+ and its long term national credit rating rose to (TR) AA-.

Outlook, targets and strategies in 2017
In line with its slogan “Koçfinans supports your dreams,” Koçfinans plans to enhance its competitive edge and strengthen its market position through customer-oriented and innovative projects. The Company aims to meet the financing needs of retail and commercial customers in every area of their lives.

In 2017, in the second stage of the “New Things Innovation Program,” Koçfinans will embrace new business ideas from stakeholders and the entrepreneurial ecosystem via open innovation. The Company is committed to delivering clients and sellers digital solutions that will provide unmatched experiences through all Koçfinans service channels.