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Yapı Kredi and Subsidiaries

Having completed its 74th year of operation in 2018, Yapı Kredi is a leading financial group together with its domestic and international subsidiaries. It carries out its activities under categories including retail banking (consumer banking, private banking and asset management, SME banking and card payment systems) and corporate banking and commercial banking. The Bank’s operations are supported by its domestic subsidiaries consisting of portfolio management, brokerage, leasing and factoring as well as international banking subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Malta.

Yapı Kredi serves its customers via 860 branches, more than 18 thousand young and dynamic employees, 4,330 ATMs, continuously renewed digital banking platforms and three call centers.

Yapı Kredi continues to support the country’s economy thanks to its strong balance sheet structure and liquidity position.
Yapı Kredi started 2018 with a strong and ambitious road map. The Bank completed one of the largest capital increases in Turkey over the last ten years by increasing its share capital by TL 4.1 billion through a rights issue in June 2018. The Bank continued to contribute to the country’s economy in 2018, a time of rapid changes in macroeconomic dynamics. Cash and non-cash loans increased by 10% annually to TL 306.3 billion. Meanwhile, cash loans rose by 10% to TL 220.5 billion and Banks’s market share among private banks increased by 67 bps (basis points) to 16.6%. The Bank’s deposit volume expanded by 21% to TL 210 billion, while its market share among private banks increased by 45 bps to 16.1%. In 2018, a total of TL 8.5 billion loans were granted under the Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) scheme and the Bank’s share stood at 12%. Accordingly, its share in the cumulative volume of CGF loans in the sector increased to 7.3%. In addition, the Bank played a leading role in issuing credit under the “Room to Breathe” program.

The Bank continued to diversify its funding sources and secured USD 3.7 billion through instruments such as syndications, securitizations and bond issuances. Despite the volatility in the second half of the year, Yapı Kredi signed a syndicated loan agreement worth USD 1.1 billion with the participation of 27 institutions from 13 countries. This funding confirmed the financial strength and strong reputation of both the Turkish banking sector and Yapı Kredi.

During this period, Yapı Kredi maintained its 30-year leadership in the credit card market in terms of the outstanding volume and number of credit cards, with its Worldcard. The Bank reached market share of 20.5% with credit card outstanding volume of TL 27.9 billion and market share of 17.8% with 11.8 million cards.

Yapı Kredi focused on strengthening its revenue generation and increased its gross operating profit by 73% annually. Maintaining its disciplined approach, the Bank managed to keep its cost growth below inflation. The cost/income ratio decreased to 33%, marking an improvement of 9 points.

The Bank’s return on average tangible equity stood at 14.2%, while its capital adequacy ratio improved by 144 basis points annually to 14.8%.

Yapı Kredi continues its investments and innovations in digital transformation.
Yapı Kredi continued its investments in digital, and especially mobile, channels. Thanks to its innovative solutions and high customer satisfaction, the number of mobile banking customers increased by 31% annually to 4.8 million and number of digital banking customers rose by 26% to 5.4 million.

The Bank, which aims to bring new technologies to its customers, has introduced “Video Processing Assistants” through Yapı Kredi Mobil so that one could become a Bank customer without visiting a branch. For the first time in Turkey, banking services have also been provided over a WhatsApp approved corporate account. Yapı Kredi, which implemented NFC technology for mobile banking logins for the first time in Turkey, also introduced withdrawals/deposits/payments via QR code as well as speed and convenience via its Cebe Havale application.

Yapı Kredi, which aims to renew the digital application of card payment systems, is preparing to re-offer the Yapı Kredi Wallet application to its customers with the “World Mobil” brand. With new features, World Mobile will offer customers a world of improved opportunities in a personalized way.

Forward-looking expectations
In 2019, Yapı Kredi’s 75th anniversary, the Bank aims to further solidify its capital base while maintaining its sector position and strong liquidity. In the medium term, it targets to be best in its class in value creation with the support of its strong balance sheet and customer-oriented service model driven by the most up-to-date technologies and quality workforce.


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