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​Founded in 1975, Düzey distributes Koç Group food brands Tat, SEK and Pastavilla as well as other products outside the Group through a widespread distribution network, which the Company has expanded since 2003, along with six regional offices. Each year, Düzey sends invoices to more than 80 thousand sales points.

In 2016, Düzey increased its sales revenues by 13%.

In addition to the Tat, SEK and Pastavilla brands, Düzey has distributed the Nutella and Kinder brands of the leading Italian food manufacturer Ferrero since 2011. The Company also undertakes the sales and distribution of Maret products, which were excluded from the Group’s product portfolio in 2014.

In the last quarter of 2015, Düzey entered into a sales and distribution deal with Dardanel, Turkey’s largest canned fish products manufacturer, and added Dardanel sandwich products to its portfolio in 2016.

In 2016, Düzey further expanded its portfolio and signed an agreement with Kellogg’s for the sale and distribution of Pringles potato chips. The Company began selling these products in July.

Düzey continuously improves its logistics and technology infrastructure in parallel with the new brands it adds to its distribution portfolio.

Outlook, targets and strategies for 2017
Düzey will continue to grow in 2017 and beyond, and maintain its leading position in the sector with the support of its suppliers and employees.

As part of digital transformation efforts, projects are developed for structural changes, mainly in the field of logistics. In this sense, communication will continue uninterruptedly for possible collaborations with leading institutions in Turkey and the world.