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Launched its operations in 2010, İnventram aims to become Turkey's leading investment and solution provider organization for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Early Stage Technology Investment Company
İnventram, a partnership of Koç Holding and Koç University, is an early stage high-tech investment company founded in April 2010. It operates within the fields of intellectual property rights management, investment, and trading. It provides finance and management support for innovative ideas and projects coming from entrepreneurs, inventors, and SMEs. İnventram’s objective is to commercialize disruptive technologies with the best possible business models, so that intellectual capital will be turned into products and services that will improve the standard of living of our society.

İnventram brings together Koç Group's industrial leadership, business culture, unique R&D capability, and unrivaled channel structure with the Koç University’s international scientific capacity and world class academic team. It offers support in 9 technology sectors, including IoT & sensors, robotic technologies, biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, big data & cloud, automotive technologies, electronics & durable goods, defense industry technologies. The company has an Advisory Board of 54 highly experienced professionals and academics in their respective fields of expertise.

With a motto of “technology knowledge and evaluation based on extensive business experience is essential for discovering promising inventions and giving the deserved chances”, İnventram has received over 4800 startup and technology applications since its inception. As of September 2016, it has 4 equity investments, 52 patent investments, 10 licensing and 23 business partnerships on technology commercialization.