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Preparing institutions for the digital world of the future, KoçSistem has added new customers from the finance, public, insurance, retail, energy, automotive and manufacturing sectors to its portfolio in 2018 and increased its revenue by 38% to TL 1.4 billion.

As part of its digital transformation vision, KoçSistem established a new technology company, KoçDigital, in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group. With this step, KoçSistem has played an important role in preparing both the Koç Group and our country for the new digital age. The Company aims to be the leading force in the various areas of digital competence in Turkey as well as in the surrounding region with its advanced analytical and solutions for the Internet of Things. KoçDigital’s “Academy” will also enable the development of a qualified workforce.

KoçSistem, which works under the motto “Explore the Future”, continued to write new success stories in different sectors with its innovative products and services. Some examples of this include its “Vehicle and Business Tracking Management” which provides daily shipment planning with real-time vehicle monitoring and tracking of instant warehouse information in logistics; “Analytic” project which estimates the number of vehicles to be rented on the basis of all rental offices and vehicle classes in car rental; “Digital Workforce” project where majority of IT calls are resolved by KoçSistem software robots and the “Big Data IoT” project which aims to increase productivity in the mining sector.

KoçSistem introduced “KoçHub”, an in-house communication platform, to increase interaction between Koç Group companies and better meet the needs of a mobile work environment.

Koçsistem launched the entrepreneurial “TechSquare” ecosystem in order to bring forward the business models of the future and worked on creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem with examples like Endeavor, e-seed strategic investments and an artificial intelligence marathon under the “TechSquare” umbrella.

KoçSistem received 26 awards in national and international fields with its activities in marketing and human resources as well as its digital transformation projects.

Forward-looking expectations
In 2019, KoçSistem aims to deepen its cooperation with existing customers and step up its attempts to gain new customers. In addition to developing its existing portfolio, KoçSistem will aim to provide new products and services for the sectors in its focus area, introduce new products by developing strategic partnerships and transform trends in technology into new business models.  


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