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Ram Foreign Trade

With its expert staff and dynamic structure, Ram Dış Ticaret (Ram Foreign Trade) continued to lead developing export markets and create permanent business areas for our Group and our country’s institutions in 2018. Digitalization activities also continued with process analyses of all operations completed and moved to digital platforms.

Leading provider of humanitarian aid services
As a leading global supplier to the United Nations (UN), the Company continued to meet the immediate humanitarian needs of large masses of people who have to live away from home.

Offering high-quality and competitively priced Turkish products in rapid way has brought commercial success and leadership to Ram Dış Ticaret in this field. The Company has been a supplier for the UN and other international aid organizations in 34 countries on 4 continents.

The Company’s exports and services were evaluated by the UN at the “superior performance” level.

Power of scale in central purchasing of iron and steel products
In 2018, 300 thousand tons of iron and steel were supplied to both Group companies as well as external parties utilizing the cost advantage through its central purchasing process. Ram Dış Ticaret acted as a bridge between flat steel producers and Group companies, thereby strengthening their collaboration.

Support to SMEs for their international expansion
In 2018, Ram Dış Ticaret continued its close cooperation with SMEs and facilitated their expansion into international markets.

Forward-looking expectations
Ram Dış Ticaret aims to further develop its humanitarian aid activities in 2019 by supplying Turkish products to more people in need while continuing its contribution to the exports of the Group and Turkey.

The Company plans to develop tailored service solutions for SMEs in the fields of sales and marketing, operational support, financing and digitalization by leveraging on the international presence of the Group companies.

The Company targets to increase the variety of its products, suppliers and services in order to remain a value generating solution partner in its central purchasing operations.


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