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Ram Foreign Trade

In 2016, Ram Foreign Trade successfully fulfilled its mission of providing support to Group companies in emerging markets. Ram continued the central procurement process for flat steel products. Approximately 319,000 tons of supplies were acquired with considerable advantages for the Group and its subsidiaries.

The Company continued to represent Boeing in the aviation industry and delivered two 787 cargo plants to Uzbek Airlines, a 747 cargo plane to Azerbaijan Airlines and a 737 cargo plants to Turkmenistan Airlines.

By participating in tenders held by the UN and other aid organizations, Ram has helped deliver various materials and consumables to refugees and those in need in countries affected by the war in the Middle East and Africa.

Outlook, targets and strategies for 2017
The Company plans to benefit economies of scale provided to Group companies in the central procurement of iron and steel to a great extent and develop new business/models accordingly.

In addition, the Company has planned 4 aircraft shipments while new regional representative offices are scheduled to open for the aviation sector in 2017.

Furthermore, efforts will continue to improve coordination of Group companies’ overseas operations and trade in products and services, and to market and sell innovative products developed in Turkey and across the region.