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Setur Marinas

Setur Marinas provides world-class services to yachters at its 11 marinas in Kalamış and Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Gökova Ören, Marmaris, Finike, Kaş, Antalya and Midilli. Setur Marinas has a capacity of 6,058 berths of which 5,801 are in Turkey and 257 are abroad. It leads the Turkish marina sector with a 25% market share.

Setur Marinas provides yachters many services including accommodation on land and sea, travel lifts, hull cleaning, and utilities. The Company also provides services such as restaurants, shops, fuel oil and technical maintenance through its tenants.

Tek-Art A.Ş., a subsidiary of Setur Marinas, won the privatization tender for the Kalamış and Fenerbahçe Marina in May 2014, submitting the highest bid of USD 664 million.

However, since the court issued a stay of execution motion for the zoning plan, Tek- Art A.Ş. opted out of the tender. The other participants followed suit; as a result, the tender was cancelled and thereby Tek- Art recovered its tender guarantee. The Privatization Administration has initiated work on a new tender.

Outlook, targets and strategies for 2017
Setur Marinas aims to maintain its domestic leadership by expanding its market share in Turkey and become an international brand by increasing the number of its marinas abroad. Therefore, the Company closely explores opportunities both domestically and internationally.