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Setur Marinas

Entering operations 40 years ago with the Çeşme Altınyunus Marina, today Setur Marinas is leader in the marina sector with 22% market share in Turkey.

One of the few business chains in the Mediterranean basin, Setur Marinas has a total berthing capacity for 5,458 yachts in 10 marinas, including 5,201 in Turkey and 257 abroad. Its marinas are located in Kalamış & Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Marmaris, Kaş, Antalya, Finike and Lesvos.

Reflecting the advantages derived from being a marina chain to its customers, Setur Marinas secured enhanced customer loyalty through the chain marina campaigns launched by early 2018.

Apart from offering the usual marina services, Setur Marinas’ experienced staff assists sailors in many areas such as hotel and airline reservations, trips to nearby places, car rentals, entry-exit formalities and yacht insurance. Social areas such as shopping centers, supermarkets and restaurants located in the majority of the marinas offer visitors a pleasurable experience.

Setur Marinas brought multi-purpose emergency response vessels into service in 2017 for the first time in Turkey to meet the emergency needs of boats within and near the facility. The vessels, which were put into service as soon as the Antalya and Marmaris Netsel marinas were opened, can provide a wide range of services from fire response, patient evacuation and towage to rapid pumping of water.

The most important mission of Setur Marinas, whose innovative approach is closely monitored by other marina operators, is to promote, popularize and spread seamanship, marine tourism, sailing and other marine sports. To this end, Setur Marinas hosts a sailing club and a number of yacht races and events, including the Aegean Yacht Rally that covers the mainland and islands of Greece.

Forward-looking expectations
In the upcoming period, Setur Marinas aims to maintain its leading position in Turkey by growing its market share while becoming an international brand by increasing the number of marinas it operates outside of Turkey. For this purpose, it closely follows opportunities both domestically and internationally.


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