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Tanı, with its 13-year experience and over 44 million customer records, is a data company managing Turkey’s one of the richest database. In this scope, Tani is focused on creating omnichannel experiences based on customer insight and efficiency from customer data.

With this mission, Tanı provides Loyalty Programs, Digital Marketing Practices, Data Management and Analytical Services, Direct Marketing and Event Marketing Activities, Sales Promotion Programs, Mobile Solutions and Database Marketing services within web, store and mobile environments to more than 65 brands from 23 different sectors. Tanı received 6 international and 6 local awards and generated 1,2 billion TL incremental revenue to its customers from more than 6.000 campaigns in 2014.

Tanı continues to create efficiency by its products such as; Paro, Axion, 1tıkla2kazan and its integrated marketing solutions.

Paro is the first coalition marketing program of Turkey. By combining its technology and solid experience with its highly-skilled data management and analytics services, Paro brings more than 40 different companies together with 19 million card holder customers at 7.500 touch points. Paro placed `Human` in its center with a sensitive and innovative philosophy. With this approach, the sensitive ecosystem of Paro also began to create customized offers for every different life stage of their customers. It established customer oriented clubs such as `Getting Married`, `Having a Kid`, `Graduation and First Job` in order to provide customized services to address customer needs.

Axion provides digital marketing services in the areas of digital analytics, product recommendation, targeted campaigns, on-site marketing, UX design and Web site optimization. It is an innovative digital web marketing service that enables brands to identify their customers, understand their needs and turn this intelligence into insightful actions. With analytical business intelligence tools it focuses on data collection, data unification, data quality management, data warehouse and reporting services. With analytical results it delivers customized creative campaign designs, campaign management and database marketing services.

1tı is an online shopping site which grants vouchers through each purchase and has a wide product range that includes electronics to personal care. 1tı is also member of Paro loyalty program.