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The core business of Zer is procurement services, which it delivers via cutting edge technologies and processes. Zer’s highly specialized team provides savings and productivity in strategic and operational procurement in over 100 purchase categories.

Zer’s main operational categories include:

End-to-End Procurement Services
Meeting corporate procurement needs via outsourcing is one of today’s top business process outsourcing (BPO) trends. Zer provides end-to-end services at all stages of the supply process in the following areas:

• Logistics
• Services and Materials
• Media Procurement
• Digital Marketing

Promena Procurement Platform Solutions
The Promena application is a platform where expenditure analysis, supplier management, tender and negotiation processes can be managed in an integrated fashion. Zer conducts all strategic procurement operations via Promena. Customers may also use Promena as a standalone product for selfmanaged procurements.

Digital Marketing Services
Zer delivers a comprehensive range of services typically offered by a digital marketing agency, including ad display, search engine advertising, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. As such, clients can monitor their footprint at lower costs, and in a more efficient way.

Clients outside the Koç Group: Zer is ramping up efforts to deliver the benefits it currently provides within Koç Group to external clients.

• In 2016, the Company started to deliver procurement services in 14 categories to clients outside Koç Group.
•, an e-trade platform mainly designed to provide services to SMEs, was launched.

Results and developments in 2016
• Over 6 thousand procurement transactions were performed via electronic procurement systems.
• Zer managed over 350 thousand orders for clients whose procurement activities it manages.
• Zer provides services via 25,000 suppliers registered in the Promena system.
• The expenditure analysis application, which includes all details of customer data, has been made available for the use of Zer clients.
• The project for the innovation program “Bulldozer” was initiated via a partnership between Koç University and Kworks business association.
• An extensive portfolio was created for digital transformation projects.
• Zer and its employees contribute to the personal development of young individuals under a project started with TEGV (The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey).

Outlook, targets and strategies in 2017
Zer boasts a long history of developing strategies to implement procurement services with specialized expertise and technology for each category. The Company plans to continue making capital investments in 2017, especially in the following categories:
• Digital marketing planning and customer experience follow-up
• Personnel transportation solutions
• Applications for the management of logistics operations
• IoT applications for service areas (forklift, cleaning, among others)
• Supplier management