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Zer continues to grow by offering its purchasing expertise accumulated over more than 15 years to the Koç Group and its customers outside the Koç Group. The Company’s growth is driven by the value add and efficient procurement/supply processes provided to customers.

Zer’s core activities are grouped under two headings: “Procurement Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)” and “Procurement Technologies”. When offering these services, Zer provides services rendered by its peers operating in the global arena with local suppliers resources and works to maximize benefits provided to its customers.

Procurement Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Basically, after completing the spend analysis of the customer, planning is carried out on the basis of the procurement category. Customers are able to transfer the entire procurement process to Zer or may choose to receive partial service.

• Strategic and Operational Procurement (Source to Pay)
• Strategic Procurement (Source to Procure)
• Operational Procurement (Procure to Pay)

Procurement Technologies
The renewal of the end-to-end purchasing platform developed under the Promena brand has been completed to a substantial extent. Promena software is being used in the purchasing processes of many companies. With the transition to cloudbased software, services have become available from all over the world.

2018 has been an important year with many initiatives aimed at Zer’s thriving. Two of these initiatives come to the fore within the others, as they are unprecedented.

1. Zer’s Digital Marketing Department has paved distance towards becoming a digital agency possessing 360 degrees competence with the services it offers. Hence, the business unit was separated from Zer, and began operating under the name “Ingage” as a partnership with WPP, one of the world’s largest media agencies. Backed by WPP’s global knowhow, Ingage moves forward to achieve growth first in Turkey and subsequently in the international arena as a digital media agency providing a one-stop shop for all services involved in the digital customer journey.
2. 2018 marked the greatest progress Zer achieved in its sales to its customers outside of the Koç Group. The Company offered services to more than 500 corporate customers in total. Zer also carried out a sales reorganization aimed at bringing its revenues derived on nonGroup sales to 30% of the Company’s total revenues. Achievements were secured particularly in specific categories (i.e. packaging materials, scrap sales, industrial catalogues, marine logistics, etc).

In addition to the activities mentioned above, digital transformation and innovation projects for upgrading Zer’s capabilities continued in 2018.

Digital Transformation
Use of RPA (Robotics Process Automation) technologies made the highlight of 2018 in this area. With the introduction of RPA processes, significant efficiency contributions were provided to employees, customers and suppliers.

Innovation As a result of innovation activities, many innovative applications were launched on the basis of supply categories in 2018, while existing applications were upgraded and put into service with their next generation versions. The most important ones within these applications were the spend analysis application “SpenDNA”, Promena Marketplace, “Zervis” for personnel transportation, “Logistics Platform” for transportation services, and “Supplier Financing”.

Forward-looking expectations
Zer aims to become a well-known and preferred procurement company in the global arena with a business model that provides benefits for all customers and solution partners.

To achieve this goal, Zer has prioritized the following strategies and action plans, for the year ahead:

1. Increase sales and marketing activities aimed at growing the volume of sales to non-Group companies
2. Become a company with proprietary technology assets that places innovation at the heart of its operations
3. Take part in sector-related award programs with the aim of achieving higher global recognition
4. Identify and realize global cooperation opportunities, as in digital marketing operations
5. Become the knowledge and experience hub that best fosters the human resource in the procurement sector


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