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Koç Group believes in the contribution of sports in both individual and social development. With this awareness, our Group supports projects that promote sports in every segment of the society, beginning with its own employees.

Koç Fest

In order to create a festival devoted to students and traditionalize it, Koç Holding and Group companies initiated the Koç Fest in 2006, and they visited 28 cities and organized 72 festivals in 8 years. With the belief that sports increase the quality of life in a society, Koç Holding has been the main sponsor of the “University Sports Games” in 2009, organized by the Turkish University Sports Federation. Since then, the most prestigious intercollege sports activity and Turkey’s most broadly participated sports event was named “Koç Fest University Games” and it became an essential part of the festival. With this initiative, Koç Fest became the greatest youth festival in Turkey bringing together sports, music and entertainment. Koç Fest annually hosts over 22,000 athletes in 46 branches, coming from 185 universities, since 2009. Every year, a fragment of the succeeding teams and athletes represent Turkey in international events with the support of Koç Holding. Koç Fest visited 6 universities in 2013 and the great final was realized in Adana Çukurova University, with the participation of approximately 5,000 students.

2020 Olympics Istanbul Candidate City Sponsorship

Koç Holding was among the sponsors supporting İstanbul as a candidate city for 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We believed, as a corporation, that Istanbul was the right city for 2020 Olympics and continued our works in collaboration with all Group companies to make Istanbul the Olympic Games host city. The candidate city application process emphasized the need for private sector investments in sports and athletes in Turkey, and the subject came into prominence for all Koç Group.