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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


​​​​​Long Standing Commitment to Corporate Governance Principles:

Long before corporate governance gained prominence, Koç Holding had taken steps to implement the highest standards of corporate governance. The Koç approach to corporate governance is voluntary and proactive. Accordingly, Koç Holding strives to fulfill the four pillars of corporate governance, namely, i) Transparency, ii) Fairness, iii) Responsibility and iv) Accountability.
At Koç Holding the belief is that the means by which great results are achieved are just as important as the end result. The corporate culture in Koç Holding enables effective corporate governance that is a firm foundation not only for Koç Holding, but for the entire Koç Group of Companies. Honesty and integrity are at the center of Koç Holding's businesses. Compliance with the highest corporate governance standards, ethical conduct and cultural integrity within the Group are built into the corporate culture.
Koç Holding strives to maintain the highest standards by providing guidance to all Koç Group employees. As part of this effort employees are guided and educated to conduct themselves with the standards of professional and ethical conduct.
The Koç Holding Ordinary General Assembly is held once a year usually at the end of April. All shareholders are invited to attend. When the Board of Directors decides on the date of the Assembly, this information is immediately communicated to the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). Shareholders may apply for admission to the Assembly from the Koç Holding Headquarters where full information and guidance about procedures and voting may be obtained.
In compliance with the legal and regulatory framework, Koç Holding communicates information in a timely, reliable, consistent and orderly fashion that is distributed to the investment community simultaneously. Information is communicated through a number of channels such as investor meetings, conferences, panels and media interviews with senior management and board members as well as through the Investor Relations (IR) department. Furthermore, access to information on Koç Holding can be obtained through its website ( in both English and Turkish. The website is a comprehensive tool providing information on Koç Holding and Group Companies.
Koç Holding has a dedicated IR department that is active in the area of conducting relations with institutional investors, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, sell-side and buy-side analysts, and all other shareholders and potential shareholders. Koç Holding IR provides up-to-date information to these groups on Koç Holding, Group Companies, the Turkish economy and relevant sectors in which the company operates.
The Koç Holding management structure processes and policies are designed to be in compliance with the legal and regulatory framework and to provide clarity and transparency in decision-making and accountability. Koç Holding is one of the first in Turkey to have independent members on its board of directors and is still one of the few that links exceuitve compensation to share price performance and economic profit. In addition, Koç Holding has been voluntarily complying with internationally accepted practices firstly, through financial reporting using IAS semi-annually and since 2004 through IFRS financial reporting on a quarterly basis. Koç Holding ordinary shares are listed on the ISE under the symbol 'KCHOL.IS'.
Koç Holding is committed to the progress of society. The Vehbi Koç Foundation is dedicated to charity work and is one of the largest in Turkey. In the field of education Koç has founded schools running the full range from nursery to university – these schools are acclaimed to be among the best in the country. The Koç Group is also noted for its healthcare efforts with top rated hospitals. Several museums provide a significant contribution to cultural life while the DenizTemiz group founded by Koç is dedicated to cleaner seas. More information on the Koç dedication to corporate social responsibility can be found at the Vehbi Koç website.

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