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Remuneration Policy

This policy determines the remuneration system for the Board of Directors and key executives within the scope of the definition of persons discharging managerial responsibilities under Capital Markets Board regulations.

A fixed remuneration is determined for all members of the Board at the Annual General Meeting of the Company.

Executive members of the Board are compensated in accordance with the policy established for senior executives, as outlined below.

In addition to the fixed remuneration that is determined by the Board of Directors, additional payment can be granted to the Board members who have been assigned specific duties to support the activities of the Company, the amount of which is to be determined in consultation with the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

To the chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the Board which supports the Board in the proper management of the Company in all respects, additional compensation to the fixed remuneration that is determined by the Board of Directors can be granted in consultation with the Nomination and Remuneration Committee by taking into account such Committee Members' contributions, attendance at the meetings, functions, and the like. Payments made thereof to Executive Committee members during the year are to be deducted from the amount determined at the end of the year.

In respect of remuneration of the Independent Members of the Board of Directors, a payment plan based on the performance of the Company may not be used.

Pro rata payment is made to the members of the Board of Directors by taking into account the time they carried out their duty between the date of appointment and the date of resignation. Expenses incurred by the members of the Board of Directors on account of making contributions to the Company (e.g. transportation, telephone, insurance) can be paid by the Company.

The remuneration of senior executives consists of two components, which are fixed and performance based.

Fixed salaries of executives are determined in accordance with international standards and legal obligations by taking into account the prevailing macroeconomic data in the market, the salary policies prevailing in the market, the size and long-term targets of the Company and the positions of the persons.

Bonuses for executives are calculated according to the bonus base, the performance of the Company and the individual performance. A summary of the criteria is as follows:

Bonus Base: Bonus Bases are updated at the beginning of each year. They vary depending on the work volume of the executives' positions. When updating the bonus bases, senior management bonus policies in the market are taken into account.

Company Performance: The performance of the Company is determined at the end of the year by measuring the financial and operational targets (i.e. market share, exports, overseas operations, productivity) assigned to the Company at the beginning of each year. In determination of the Company's targets, the sustainability of success and the degree to which it incorporates improvements over previous years are the principles taken into account.

Individual Performance: In the determination of individual performance, along with the targets of the Company, those related to the employee, customer, process, technology and long-term strategy are taken into account. In the measurement of individual performance, in line with the performance of the Company, the principle of achieving long-term sustainable improvement in areas apart from the financial dimension is observed.

Severance payments may be granted to the key executives by taking into account total term of service, term of service as an executive, as well as contributions made to the Company, the recent bonus base, and the salaries and bonuses paid in the last year of service.

Total amounts determined by the above principles and paid to the members of the Board of Directors during the year are submitted for shareholder approval at the next General Meeting.

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