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Material Disclosures

YEAR : 2017
Completion of the share sale transaction   01.06.2017
Credit Ratings Review - S&P   26.05.2017
Agreement for Share Sale   25.05.2017
Determination of Share Sale Price   25.05.2017
Establishment of Board Committees   31.03.2017
Approval of independent auditor selection by the general assembly   30.03.2017
Approval of Amendment to the Company's Articles of Association   30.03.2017
General Assembly resolution for profit distribution   30.03.2017
Ordinary General Assembly Meeting resolutions   30.03.2017
Credit Ratings Review – Moody's   22.03.2017
Dividend distribution decision of our subsidiary   06.03.2017
Ordinary General Assembly Meeting invitation and Information Document   03.03.2017
Board of Directors resolution for profit distribution   03.03.2017
Credit Ratings Review – S&P   02.02.2017
YEAR : 2016
Credit Ratings Review – S&P   15.11.2016
Tax Inspections   24.10.2016
Credit Ratings Review - Moody's   28.09.2016
Appointment of Independent Auditor   02.09.2016
Tax inspection   22.08.2016
Tax Inspection Reports   04.08.2016
Credit Ratings Review - S&P   22.07.2016
Credit Ratings Review - Moody's   21.07.2016
Purchase of KFS shares   30.06.2016
Information on Share Purchase   26.05.2016
Credit Rating   24.05.2016
Purchase shares of our joint venture Koç Finansal Hizmetler A.Ş. (KFS)   10.05.2016
Board of Directors and Election of Committee Members   05.04.2016
General Assembly Meeting Resolutions   05.04.2016
Dividend Distribution of Enerji Yatırımları   17.03.2016
Completion of the Eurobond Issuance   15.03.2016
Approval of the Koç Holding Eurobond Issuance Certificate   14.03.2016
Dividend Distribution Proposal   11.03.2016
Completion of the book building of Koç Holding Eurobond   10.03.2016
Mandate for Eurobond issuance   02.03.2016
Credit Ratings (S&P and Moody's)   02.03.2016
Changes in the Board of Directors   22.02.2016
Resolution of the Board of Directors on the issuance of debt securities   02.02.2016
Amendments to Articles of Association   01.02.2016
Loss of our Chairman Mustafa V. Koç   22.01.2016
YEAR : 2015
Sale of Real Properties in Return for Flats   24.12.2015
Credit Rating - S&P   17.12.2015
Appointment of Executive Management   01.10.2015
Credit Rating - Moody's   04.06.2015
Amendment of the Disclosure Policy   29.04.2015
Credit Rating - S&P   09.04.2015
Withdrawal from signing the Agreement for Transfer of Operating Rights of Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina   19.03.2015
Loan agreement of our subsidiary of Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş.   18.03.2015
Ordinary General Assembly Meeting's Invitation and Information Document   04.03.2015
Board Resolution on the Distribution of Dividend   04.03.2015
Appointment of Senior Executives   17.02.2015
Nomination of Independent Auditor   17.02.2015
Information regarding share purchase / sale   12.01.2015
YEAR : 2014
Approval of the Energy Market Regulatory Board regarding the purchase of AES Entek Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş. shares   16.12.2014
Application to the Capital Markets Board regarding Independent Board Member is finalized   20.10.2014
Participation of the tender for the duty-free shops at the İstanbul New International Airport with Lagardère Services S.A.S.   16.10.2014
Purchase of AES Entek Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş. shares   13.10.2014
Nomination of the independent board member candidate   30.09.2014
Independent Board Member’s resignation   22.09.2014
The reasonable value appraisal for real properties acquired in exchange for landownership in the co-developed project is completed   25.07.2014
Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina Tender is Approved by the Privatization High Council   24.07.2014
Real properties acquired in exchange for landownership in the co-developed project   25.06.2014
Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina Tender is Won by Tek-Art Kalamış   23.05.2014
Board of Directors’ Resolution regarding Forward Looking Statements   12.05.2014
Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina Tender   12.05.2014
Acquisition of Tek Art Kalamış ve Fenerbahçe Marmara Turizm Tesisleri A.Ş.’s shares   08.05.2014
Credit Rating - Moody's   16.04.2014
Credit Rating - S&P   09.04.2014
Assignment of duties and responsibilities of the Board and Election of Members of the Committees   03.04.2014
Change of executive management   01.04.2014
Dividend Policy   06.03.2014
Board Resolution on the Distribution of Dividend   06.03.2014
Board Resolution regarding the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting   06.03.2014
Participating to the capital recovery fund   24.02.2014