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Koç Holding A.Ş. (EN) Sustainability Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

​​​​Fostering a work environment where employees and related stakeholders can do their work under healthy and safe conditions, while eliminating risks that may prevent the establishment of this environment, is an indispensable, core priority for Koç Holding and Group companies. To this end, occupational health and safety is managed proactively and systematically across the Group. Occupational health and safety specialists, workplace physicians, other health of officials, and service providers in this area that are employed by Group companies monitor related developments closely and implement needed improvements in line with globally-accepted standards. As of 2018, approximately 89% of facilities owned by Koç Group companies were certified with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. In parallel we are also in the process of updating the OHSAS 18001 to the newer version of this certificate, named as ISO 45001.

Koç Holding Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Board is responsible for implementing the particular importance we place on occupational health and safety. The functions of this board include:
• Reviewing Group-wide practices regularly on an issue-by-issue basis,
• Developing recommendations for improvement and broader adoption,
• Ensuring that best practices are adopted by Group companies,
• Tracking occupational accident statistics regularly and providing recommendations for improvement and development to achieve the zero-accident goal,
• Managing the processes to ensure complete compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

In addition to the Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Board, which is charged with coordinating at the Holding level, the occupational health and safety issue is managed by Occupational Health and Safety Committees at Group companies. Koç Holding Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Board is responsible for reviewing practices and efforts on these issues with the aim to continuously improve Group performance, whereas Occupational Health and Safety Committees are responsible for management of health and safety issues at each Group company. In 2018, we established a central Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Unit which aims to contribute to the transition towards an encompassing and integrated occupational health, safety and environment management policy and system.

Health and occupational safety-related provisions of collective bargaining agreements are adhered to fully and completely. In addition to various workplace practices, training activities and projects are also conducted for personnel and their families. Group companies organize training activities in order to raise and bolster occupational health and safety awareness. As a result, measures implemented against identified risks are expanded in scale and scope. To this end, processes and practices were implemented throughout the year to eliminate occupational health and safety risks that were identified as a result of risk assessment activities; training was administered to employees of Group companies and contractor firms as needed. During 2018, 521,793 employee-hours of training was provided to the personnel of Group companies, and 94,306 employee-hours of training was provided to the contractor firm staff members.

Reports on occupational health and safety are conducted every year and tracked after consolidation. In 2018, among Group companies, injury rate was 7.5, while occupational illness rate 0.14 and lost working days rate stood at 3.86. We are deeply saddened for the loss of one Koç Group employee and three of our contractors’ employees who lost their lives while working for our company in 2018.

Health and Safety Performance 2016 2017 2018
Injury rate (IR)[1]4.094.407.50
Occupational illness frequency rate (OIFR)[2]

Lost-time injury frequency rate



Occupational health and safety training provided – Koç Group



Occupational health and safety training provided – contractors



* Data used in this page cover the companies representing 74% of our Group employees and 83.5% of combined turnover of the Group, as of 2016. Further information may be retrieved from Koç Group Sustainability Reports.

[1] IR = (Number of injuries in given period*1,000,000) / Total hours worked in given period. The calculation method is revised in 2018 and it includes injuries without a day lost as well.
[2] OIFR: (Number of occupational illnesses in given period*1,000,000) / Total hours worked in given period
[3] LTIFR: (Number of lost time injuries in given period*1,000,000) / Total hours worked in given period
Calculations are based only on lost time injuries and exclude fatalities.

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