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Social Development

Social Development

​​ Internalizing the spirit of our times and perceiving the expectations of the society and responding them adequately are at the basis of the work performance and corporate reputation of Koç Group. In this context, Koç Group aims to contribute to the social development in its regions of operation by supporting the enhancement of prosperity and creativity.

Koç Holding strengthens the awareness on social responsibility and ensures this awareness is institutionally cultivated throughout the Group with international initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact. Koç Holding has shaped the social responsibility understanding inherited from its founder Vehbi Koç in accordance with the spirit of our times and sustains it through the synergy created by Group companies as a whole.

The mission of Koç Group and companies is to create a happier and more prosperous Turkey for future generations. To this end, Group companies seeked solutions to social problems and allocated resources for various projects in the areas of health, education, culture and arts and environment, and in 2013. Embracing our founder Vehbi Koç’s words “I live and prosper with my country” as a fundamental principle, Koç Group plays an active role in the progress of the country with the social responsibility projects it originates and contributes to.

Actions to Support Women during the Pandemic by Koç Group Companies

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