Koç Sports Fest which was initiated by Koç Holding in 2006 to create a festival specific to the university students organised a total of 120 festivals in 38 cities and 41 universities in 15 years.
Koç Holding undertook the main sponsorship of Turkish University Sports Federation in 2009 with the belief that sports has a significant role to create healthy individuals and societies. KSF that added “Turkish Koç Sports Fest University Games” to the festival is the most prestigious sports event organised among universities and youth and sports organisation with the highest participation in Turkey. While more than 26 thousand student athletes from 63 branches have participated to KSF and approximately 200 universities are hosted throughout the year, some of the successful athletes and teams represent Turkey in the international organisations with the support of Koç Holding.
KSF also has the distinction of being the biggest project realized together as Group companies. KSF was held in 2019 with the participation of Arçelik, Avis, Aygaz, Beko, Bilkom, Fiat, Ford, Koçtaş, Opet, Setur, Tat, Tüpraş and Yapı Kredi brands.
With the seminars and panels under the name of "KSF Talks", content ranging from different branches of sports, nutrition, career, gender equality, digital transformation were brought together with university students with the participation of experts in their fields.
In 2019, in order to raise awareness of individual donation among young people, "Adım Adım Campus Runs" joined KSF.
The ecosystem created by KSF, whose preparation and field process is completed with hundreds of suppliers and a team of 250 people every year, combines with the effect it creates in the cities where thousands of athletes come for the competitions, and revitalizes the local economy.
KSF visited 7 universities in 2019; the grand final was held in Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of May 19, KSF hosted the public march held in cooperation with the local government and the university, and the 1919-meter Turkish flag was carried on the shoulders by more than 50 thousand people.

Winter sports were also included in the project in 2016; in order to make KSF a project that reaches wider audiences by hosting more branches. More than 600 students from 45 universities participated in the ski and snowboard races held in Erzurum Palandöken in 2020.