Sevgi Gönül


Sevgi Gönül born in Ankara, in 1938 and graduated from Istanbul American College for Girls. In 1980, she was elected as the Member of Koç Holding Board of Directors.
Sevgi Gönül, known for her interest in the archaeological works in Turkey, as well as the Anatolian Culture, led the efforts in the establishment of Sadberk Hanım Museum, the first private museum of Turkey.
In the social setting, she actively took part in many projects. She held the positions of Member of Koç University Advisory Board and Member of Beşiktaş Municipal Council. She also served as the Chair of Turkish Numismatic Society and Geyre Foundation.

In 1988, she accepted the Europa Nostra Award, which honours museums succeeding in modern practices, on behalf of Sadberk Hanım Museum.
She shared her interests, experiences and observations on museology, antiques and all fine arts in her column titled “Sevgi’nin Diviti (Sevgi’s Inkwell)” in Hurriyet Newspaper.
Sevgi Gönül, who passed away in 2003, was a role model to many individuals and organizations with her contributions to culture and arts, the leadership skills she exhibited in social responsibility projects and her eagerness to inform the youth on the culture of our country.