Grow the business. Together.

Aiming for sustainable, profitable growth

Our aim is to create a business that delivers sustainable, profitable growth. Our vision shows that this growth will come through expanding our global presence and establishing brands that have a competitive edge, wherever we do business. We will succeed by developing business models that are flexible, efficient and focused on creating long-term value.

The world is changing – and so must we

To achieve our vision, we will need to change. We live and work in uncertain times. Change is not new, but its current speed, scale and impact is unprecedented. We recognise the disruptive effect emerging business models are having in many industries, and we see change as an opportunity – an opportunity where we can play a leading role.

Taking the lead with innovation, technology and our brands

Our technology, innovation capability and brand assets have long been key to our success and they will be vital tools for the future. But our influence extends far beyond the businesses and brands we manage. We have an opportunity to drive positive change on a global scale – both as a role model and through our long-term relationships with employees, partners, investors, suppliers and distributors.

Growth is good for us, and good for society

We’ve always believed our prosperity is connected to the prosperity of the world; we only reach our goals if we align with changes in society, the environment, technology and business. Being sustainable means using our potential to its fullest by developing products and services that meet the pressing needs and expectations of society.

Our stakeholders expect us to lead by example. When we grow, others grow. When we innovate for the better, others follow. When we create more added value and respond to changes in technology, business and society, we start a ripple effect that extends out to all our industries, our business partners and the wider community.

Part of the bigger picture: United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to mobilise global efforts around a common set of goals and targets for 2030 that aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. At Koç Group, we recognise the business need to understand and contribute to these goals as a driver for innovation and inclusive economic growth. Lead. Together ensures we are part of this bigger picture.
In focus
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Being global players means going digital
We’ve always been good at reading the spirit of the time and it’s kept us in leading positions in our industries. Now, we aspire to lead the digital transformation and expand our horizons to deliver resource efficiencies, connect people and create new business opportunities.
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Breakthrough innovation to improve lives and enhance services
We aim to grow our business with new business models, products and services that improve lives in bold and innovative ways. Our customers are often the first to benefit from our innovations but, by finding new ways of thinking and working, we also support wider society to become more sustainable, connected and prosperous.
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