Koç Culture And Our Priorities

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Koç Culture And Our Priorities

Our founder Vehbi Koç's "My most important asset is my human resources" philosophy inspires all of our human resources practices. As Koç Group, we believe that the path to social and economic development is through happier employees and happier workplaces. With the people-oriented transformation we practised, we focus on employee experience, act with an innovative human resources perspective built on the values ​​of equality, solidarity, modernity and lifelong development.



We are 94 years old but yet a very young Group. While protecting our traditional values  with the idea of ​​ “I can exist as long as my state and country exists”, we also read the spirit of the time,  continuously maintain our innovative and modern structure by taking the actions required by the age and global values. We look to the future with hope and protect our passion that carries us to the best. 


We consider equality as our highest priority and focus on equalitarian practises. We strive to create work environments suitable for the needs of all our colleagues indiscriminatingly.  We provide equal opportunities to all our colleagues working in the production line, offices, call centers or stores, regardless of their gender, position, title, experience or age.


We believe in the power of diversity and we care about the contribution of individual differences to our culture. We see that the productivity  increases in workplaces where diversity is represented and people feel valued as individuals. That's why we create free working environments for all Koç employees, where their ideas are heard, their achievements are applauded, and all obstacles to their progress are removed. As the conglomerate that has the largest workforce of Turkey, we work hard to make each of our colleagues feel a valuable part of the group. 


It is our priority to add sophisticated talents to our group in all countries where we operate, to nurture the creativity of our colleagues and to support their development throughout their business life. We focus on providing the most suitable environment for our colleagues to succeed in the business conditions changing every day. We see continuous development as a great force that will carry our group to the future, and we strive to provide Koç employees with the knowledge, skills and competencies they will need in the world of tomorrow.