Life in Koç

Being a Part of Koç

We believe that one of the most important reasons why we are among the world's most admired companies to work in, is the importance we attach to employee experience. We form our approach in line with our culture and by examining the best global practice, and we shape our experience steps with human-oriented design principles. We collect the insights of our colleagues, and we plan all our actions based on these insights. With the continuous measurements we make, we renew ourselves in the areas where we are lacking and we aim to create a perfect employee experience for all Koç employees.


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Koç Holding Is The Only Company Representing Turkey

We are proud to have represented our country among the "World's Best Employers" as ranked by leading global magazine Forbes, for seven consecutive years since the list was first published. In this global compilation, as Koç Holding, we are proud to be the only company representing our country.

The Future of the Business, the Business of the Future

With the digital transformation, technological advances, rapid changes in market priorities and employee expectations, the way of doing business is undergoing a unique transformation. 

As Koç Group, we are developing and implementing our business on "flexible working models of the future" in order to create more dynamic, flexible and agile work environments for our colleagues. We also renew all our processes from development opportunities to performance management in accordance with the flexible working models.

Equal Opportunities in the Workplace

Based on the concepts of "equality" and "being a part of Koç", which are among the most important building blocks of our group culture, we provide a non-discriminatory work environment for all our colleagues. We want that all  Koç employees feel valued and equal, regardless of their gender, age, profession, expertise or experience.

Lifelong Development

Contributing to the development of our colleagues and paving the way for their progress is one of our biggest pride since the day we were founded. In today's world where constant change is essential, we empower our colleagues to achieve their personal and professional development goals with the different training opportunities we offer.

Health And Life Benefits

We provide private health insurance to all Koç employees, regardless of being a field or office employee. Together with our colleagues and their spouses and children, we bring 168 thousand people together with private health services. We care that Koç employees have the assurance of being Koç employees not only in their active working life but also after retirement.

Recruitment Experience

We consider every candidate who applies for a job at Koç Group as a part of this family, and we go through equal and fair evaluation processes without any discrimination.

Compensation And Flexible Benefits

The compensation management system of our Group is based on job sizes, salary market data, salary policy and performance parameters.

Reward And Recognition

We care about our colleagues working with the same excitement every day, spreading their positive energy and sharing it. That's why we create work environments where our colleagues are fairly appreciated and rewarded. In addition, we include additional motivating practices to highlight and reward Koç employees who make a difference.