Koç Group Ethics Hotline

Koç Group attaches great importance to being in full compliance with the applicable laws, international conventions of the countries in which the respective Koç Group companies are located, and the UN Global Compact, performs its activities with integrity and according to the highest ethical standards, and supports the culture of “open communication” and “accountability” to prevent unethical or illegal actions.

For this reason, Koç Group encourages its employees who directly or indirectly witness an illegal or unethical activity performed by a Koç Group company, another employee, or a Business Partner or who obtain information about such a situation through legal channels, or who suspect such a situation, to express their concerns, and encourages its stakeholders to do so.

The Koç Group Ethics Hotline, which is operated by independent service providers 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, is the main reporting method for reporting a disclosable matter.

Koç Group Ethics Hotline can be reached by the following link.

*The Ethics Hotline is not a tool to report service/product concerns.