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Durable Consumption Sector in 2020

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Durable Consumption Sector in 2019

Global white appliance market continued to grow in 2019. While the market grew by 1.5% to 535 million units, the revenue experienced 3% growth and reached 209 billion US dollars. The global TV market reached 231 million units with 1% growth and to 108 billion US dollars in terms of revenue.

The white appliance sector in Europe which is the main export market of Turkey, growth per unit increased approximately by 2%. In 2019, the West European market grew approximately by 3% with the increase in England, France, Germany and Italy. British market grew approximately by 5%, French market grew approximately by 3%, German and Italian markets grew approximately by 2%.

In 2019, the East European market showed a similar and strong performance as the West Europe market and reached approximately 3% growth. While the sales per unit in Russia which is the largest market in the region decreased by 1% compared to 2018, Poland which is the second-largest market experienced 5% growth. Romanian market grew approximately by 6% and the Ukrainian market grew by 10%. South African market shrunk by 1% with the stagnation in the second half of the year.

In 2019, domestic sales in white appliance market in Turkey decreased by 6% to 6.7 million units. While the export units decreased by 1%, total production was at 28 million levels similar to 2018. According to retail panel data, TV market shrunk approximately by 13% and air conditioner market shrunk by 5% based on units.