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Human Resources

Human Resources

​​We achieve our targets at Koç Group, thanks to the vigour we obtain from human resources, above all else, as we endeavour towards becoming a group in which reciprocal respect and dedication prevail, always appreciating diversity and interactive participation. Our Group has always attached the utmost importance to providing top-calibre human resources and continuous improvement of employees, undergirding motivation at the highest possible levels. Allocating resources to uphold these principles by seriously espousing employee satisfaction and improvement, the Koç Group believes that creative opportunities are discovered through the synergy of differing viewpoints and the accumulation of knowledge.

We conduct year-long studies for the purpose of recruiting the best candidates in line with our targets and principles. As Koç Group, we attach the utmost importance to competency in the recruitment process. The open-ended questions on the application form give us a clue to understanding the competencies of our candidates from their resumes.

Regardless of the department making the evaluation, a candidate is expected to demonstrate competency in the following nine areas:

• Direction Setting
• Teamwork
• Communication
• Cooperation
• Result Orientation
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Adaptation and Managing Diversity
• Customer Orientation​

All or some of the evaluation tools listed below are used in assessing a candidate’s suitability for the job related to competency and technical ability in line with the requirements of the specific position:

• English proficiency
• Interviews based on competency
• Professional personality surveys
• Evaluation centre: a candidate’s competency is observed and assessed through individual exercises and contributions to            group work on various case studies.

If a candidate is suitable, the appropriate company managers will make an offer, and the candidate begins working for the company. The objective is to place people in the appropriate positions by evaluating their knowledge, skills, and competencies.

In order to rapidly integrate our new colleagues into the Koç Group, we arrange an orientation programme to include the following:

• Introduction of the Group: the Group’s vision, strategies, and targets
• Human Resources strategies and applications
• Company introduction: the company’s vision, strategies, and targets​
• Introduction and information pertaining to a candidate’s specific function and position​

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