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Otokar maintained its leadership in the shrinking bus market for the fifth time. In 2014, 2 out of 5 buses sold in Turkey carried the Otokar brand. The same year, the Company churned out its 15,000th Sultan-branded small bus. The Company also released its 10-meter inner-city bus Doruk LE suitable for disabled passengers, and its service type bus Engelsiz Sultan Maxi which can carry up to seven individuals with wheelchairs. As per changing regulations in the European market, eco-friendly buses in compliance with Euro 6 emission standards were included in the product range.

Active in the light truck market since June 2013 with its 8.5-ton Otokar Atlas truck, the Company organized two roadshows and successfully promoted its products across Anatolia. In 2014, sales figures headed up, and the 500th truck was manufactured.

In the expanding trailer market, Otokar significantly increased its sales figures. In particular, its “tarpaulin trailer suitable for train transport” and “maxi section tanker semi-trailer” models drew much attention in the market.

As Turkey’s largest private defense industry company, Otokar preserved its position as the leading land vehicle manufacturer in 2014. The URAL tactical wheeled armored vehicle, developed and commercialized in 2013 entered the national inventory in 2014. Already the choice of over 30 countries in the defense industry, Otokar included two more countries to this list in 2014.

As for ALTAY, Turkey’s main battle tank project, Otokar continued to perform tests in line with the scheduled timeline and completed the manufacturing of the last two prototypes.

Otokar received the 3rd place prize at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s Environment and Energy Awards, in the category of “Large Scale Enterprise Environment and Sustainability Management.”

Always placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Otokar obtained ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate in 2014.

Designated as Turkey’s most successful R&D center in the automotive sector in 2013, Otokar’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Center has received accreditation. The center can now offer certification of electromagnetic compatibility for the automotive and defense industries. Continuing to invest in R&D in 2014, the Company put Turkey’s first electric bus, Doruk Electra, to service at three universities, in order to introduce students to the latest technologies and informed the youth about Otokar’s R&D capabilities.

2015 and beyond
Otokar foresees that the bus market is set to grow after the general elections in June 2015, and estimates that the municipal bus market will embark on an upward trend. Keen on preserving its leadership in the bus market, the Company will also strive to increase its share in the light truck segment. Otokar will continue to introduce its new defense industry products, primarily for export markets.