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Since its establishment in 1963, Otokar has been providing customized solutions for its customers with its own technology, design and applications. Producing buses for public transportation, semi-trailers and light trucks for the transportation and logistics sectors; and wheeled armored and tracked armored vehicles for the defense industry, Otokar operates with nearly 2,000 employees at its plant which covers an area of 552 thousand m² in Sakarya.

Defense Industry
Mass production of RABDAN armored vehicles started as part of an agreement to supply the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces with 8x8 series vehicles. This is the largest single export contract in the Turkish defense industry. Under this agreement, which amounts to USD 661 million, Otokar started to transfer technology abroad in addition to its armored vehicles.

In 2018, Otokar continued to deliver other armored vehicle orders that it received from Turkey and abroad.

Commercial Vehicles
In 2018, Otokar maintained its market leadership for the tenth consecutive year in the vehicle segments in which it operates. One in every three buses sold in Turkey carries the Otokar brand.

Otokar continued to strengthen its position in Europe, its target market, and signed the largest single bus export contract by a Turkish bus brand. Deliveries started in the final quarter of 2018 in line with the contract which includes the delivery of 400 buses and after-sales services for a period of 8 years to the Bucharest (Romanian) Municipality.

Otokar also signed a contract for a total of 135 vehicles with the Amman (Jordan) Municipality and received an order for 34 buses from the Warsaw (Poland) Municipality.

Digital transformation studies
As part of its digital transformation efforts, Otokar unveiled its “Smart Assistant” application for commercial vehicle users. “Digital Quality” and “Ability-Based Optimization” projects were completed and the first steps were taken on 4 new projects. Seminars and training program aimed at increasing awareness of digital transformation awareness continued throughout the year.

Otokar was involved in the Appstacle project, which aims to develop secure and open software by combining the vehicle data system with the cloud platform for use in automotive applications. The project is carried out in partnership between Germany, Finland, France and Turkey, where Otokar is working in coordination with KoçSistem and will be responsible for vehicle integration.

Forward-looking expectations
In 2019, Otokar aims to move forward to become a global company by focusing on export markets. The Company targets penetration into new markets and complete the delivery of bus orders received from European countries while maintaining its leadership in the Turkish bus market.

In addition to its product sales in the defense industry internationally, Otokar plans to evaluate opportunities for joint production with local partners in global markets through the transfer of technology.



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