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Otokoç Otomotiv

Established in 1928 as Koç Holding’s first automotive sector investment, Otokoç Otomotiv is Turkey’s leading automotive retailer, car rental and car sharing company. Otokoç Otomotiv provides the whole range of solutions regarding automotive retailing under one roof. The Company operates with the Otokoç, Birmot, Otokoç 2.El and Otokoç Parça brands in automotive retailing; with the Avis, Avis Filo and Budget in car rental; with the Zipcar in car sharing, and with the Otokoç Sigorta in insurance services. Conducting operations in Greece, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Northern Iraq, Hungary, Georgia, Northern Cyprus and Ukraine internationally, Otokoç Otomotiv operates in a total of 347 points in 9 countries including Turkey.

More than 72 thousand vehicles sold in 2018
Otokoç Otomotiv commanded a market share of 31% from Ford sales, 26% from Ford Trucks sales, 34% from Fiat sales, 42% from Alfa Romeo and Jeep sales, 38% from Volvo sales and 31% from Maserati sales in automotive retail during 2018. With over 48 thousand new vehicles sales, the Company had a share of 8% in total automotive market. In second hand vehicle sales, Otokoç maintained its leadership among the corporate brands with nearly 24 thousand units.

In 2018, the Company achieved an annual revenue growth of 42% at Avis and 59% at Budget in short-term car rentals. In operational leasing, the Company’s annual revenue growth was 44%.

90th anniversary in light of a new vision
Having celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2018, Otokoç Otomotiv took important steps with its vision of “Being an innovative and global roadmate offering transportation solutions”. The Company continuously develops digital transformation and innovation management projects. The Company initiated the “Additional Time” application in car rental services and the “Winter Tire Rental” service with the Lastick brand. Otokoç also initiated the “Digital Franchising” project which offers opportunities for inventory management and expansion for the Company while helping its customers to create e-commerce websites. In addition, Otokoç carried out restructuring activities of its second hand operations with B2B and B2C sales through digital channels, and launched its online sales platform, “”.

Greece: Largest international investment to date
In 2018, Otokoç Otomotiv increased the number of foreign countries which it operates in to 8, with the addition of Greece. Olympic Commercial Touristic Enterprises, a licensee of the Avis, Budget and Payless brands in Greece with an asset size of EUR 455 million, was acquired in partnership with the Avis Budget Group (ABG) and Otokoç Otomotiv became ABG’s largest investment partner.

Thanks to support of the international investments, the international EBITDA of the Company reached a share of 36% in the total.

Forward-looking expectations
With the aim of becoming a global company, Otokoç Otomotiv plans to expand its service network through new investments and geographies. The Company focuses to increase its market share in automotive retailing while in short-term rental, it aims to grow above sector and reinforce Avis’ leading position and Budget’s 2nd position. Otokoç also examines opportunities for automotive retail abroad, in addition to car rental.



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