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The first producer in the Turkish automotive industry which is still operational, TürkTraktör was established in 1954 and it has become one of Turkey’s most important organizations with exports to more than 130 countries, mainly the Americas. TürkTraktör, which operates in line with its vision of driving modern agriculture, has an annual production capacity of 50 thousand tractors. Leadership maintained in Turkey’s tractor market for the 12th consecutive year.
TürkTraktör maintained its market leadership in Turkey, the 5th largest in the world in terms of the number of tractors sold. The Company has been the market leader in 20 of the last 32 years and completed its 12th consecutive year of market leadership. In the Turkish tractor market, production volumes declined by 34% in 2018 due to the challenging economic conditions and TürkTraktör met 72% of the total production, an increase of 5 pp with respect to the previous year. Despite the contraction in the domestic market, the Company managed to increase its exports by 21%, accounting for 91% of Turkey’s total tractor exports in 2018.

Tractors with Tier-4-compliant engines developed by TürkTraktör started to be exported.
Electronically controlled tractor engines with Tier-4 emission standards, which has long been in development by engineers at the TürkTraktör R&D center, was manufactured by the Company for the first time in Turkey. The Company started exporting New Holland T4S and Case IH Farmall A model tractors which were produced with the first domestically produced Tier-4-compliant engines, to Europe and America in 2018.

Continuing its investments and R&D studies in line with changing customer needs and expectations, TürkTraktör opened a new R&D, design and innovation office in March 2018 in Istanbul in addition to the sector’s first R&D center in Ankara.

Ongoing expansion in the product mix
TürkTraktör continued to expand its product mix in 2018 and introduced “The Leader’s Most Compact Way” New Holland T450 S/B series with the 43 HP model, which offers high performance and fuel economy for field and garden agriculture, as well as “Local Giant” New Holland TR6 series with two models, offering 127 HP or 141 HP, which is known as the strongest local production tractor series. At the same time, the Case IH Puma X series was introduced with three models having 140 HP, 150 HP and 165 HP engines, after the existing Case IH Puma Tier-4B models were made more economical and equipped to overcome difficult conditions. TürkTraktör also launched 10 new items of agricultural equipment in national fairs with the “From tillage to harvest, all equipment is here!” slogan in order to meet the growing demand for agricultural equipment.

An increasing contribution to social responsibility
Increasing its contribution to social responsibility every year, TürkTraktör initiated work on the “Conscious Farmer, Safe Farming” social responsibility project to improve awareness to accidents caused by wrongful usage of tractors and agricultural equipment, a significant problem in Turkey which cannot be overlooked. Introduced with objective of increasing farmers’ awareness under the motto of “Accidents Are Not Our Fate”, the project aims to instill farmers and tractor users with an awareness of safe driving and to minimize workforce losses in the agricultural industry.

Forward-looking expectations
In addition to its efforts to improve the agriculture sector and maintain its sustainability, TürkTraktör also undertakes digital transformation projects to increase efficiency in production and provide added value not only to agriculture but also to the industrial sector.

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