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Bilkom is a new generation Company that makes a difference with its agile structure, and value added service strategy along the information and communications technology (ICT) distributorship model.

An expanding product portfolio centered on mobile and digital life
For over 30 years, Bilkom has provided value-added, customer-centered distribution services in Turkey to global IT brands that shape digital and mobile transformation across the world. In 2016, Bilkom outperformed average market growth by a large margin. During the year, Bilkom’s product portfolio included pioneer brands such as Apple, Asus, Celly and Warner Bros. In the last months of the year, the Company included Huawei’s products in its brand portfolio, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer.

Growth well above the sector average
In 2016, Bilkom continued on its growth trajectory, expanding its net sales by 25% year - on - year to TL 1,380 million. Bilkom’s average sales growth rate in TL terms over the last five years exceeds 50%, well above the sector average.

Rapid rise in the Turkey Fortune 500 rankings
Bilkom first entered the Turkey Fortune 500 ranking in 2013 at 422nd. In the ranking for 2016, the company climbed to the 142nd position, and ranked 46th on the list of companies with the fastest sales growth performance. In terms of net sales performance per employee, the company ranked 24th, thus continuing its rapid ascent in the rankings.

Success-driven team spirit and competitive operational structure
Bilkom’s business principles and workforce are committed to all the core values and premises of Koç Group. Bilkom is a new generation company where 65% of employees belong to the Y-generation. Staff engagement is at a very high level: The workforce turnover rate is below 2%. The Company’s operational structure is extremely competitive and constitutes one of the most important building blocks of Bilkom’s sustainable growth strategy.

Corporate responsibility: The world’s first 3D history experience – iVisit Anatolia
ProjectBilkom, which always strives to contribute to the country and society at large with its corporate social responsibility approach, launched the CSR project “iVisit Anatolia: History Comes Alive in 3D.” This innovative initiative allows mobile users to visualize the ancient city of Pergamum in three dimensions to uphold Turkey’s cultural heritage. In 2016, Bilkom placed 2nd in the “Integrated Mobile Experience” category at the Stevie International Business Awards. Additionally, the Company became the champion of Turkey in the category of “Environment and Corporate Sustainability” at the European Business Awards.

Outlook, targets and strategies in 2017
In line with its vision of becoming a “Digital Life Coach” for customers, Bilkom plans to continue introducing forward-looking technologies to Turkey, delivering its customers an innovative, digital and mobile lifestyle, and demonstrating profitable, sustainable growth above the sector average.