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Established in 1961, Aygaz is the first and only publicly listed company operating in the LPG sector. The Company is the 11th largest in Turkey as per Istanbul Chamber of Industry rankings.

According to an independent research study carried out since 2003, Aygaz consistently has the highest level of customer satisfaction of any brand in both the cylinder gas and autogas markets.

Aygaz continues to lead the sector with its effective dealer and distribution network.
Aygaz realized 2 million tons of LPG sales in 2018.

Providing services across Turkey with the Aygaz and Mogaz brands, Aygaz has over 2,400 cylinder gas points of sale. The Company maintained its competitive advantage with its proximity to the customers and its service speed and quality in the cylinder gas market. In 2018, the Company sold a total of 315 thousand tons of cylinder gas.

Aygaz has Turkey’s most extensive autogas distribution network of over 1,700 licensed autogas stations. The Company recorded 730 thousand tons of autogas sales in 2018.

Ongoing investments
In 2018, Aygaz and its subsidiaries undertook TL 108 million in investment mainly in facility modernization, new autogas stations, cylinder, environment and safety.

Forward-looking expectations
Aygaz’s main target is to be the leading company offering energy solutions in the fields of LPG and natural gas to the domestic market as well as potential new markets.

Aygaz’s strategic priorities include; Maintaining its leadership in the LPG sector by
• investing in the future with the responsibility of being reputable, reliable and the closest brand to the consumer,
• keeping high safety standards and product quality in the foreground,
• developing innovative products and services with solutions that focus on innovation and digitalization. Achieving sustainable growth to carry Aygaz ahead by
• evaluating domestic and foreign acquisitions, merger and investment opportunities,
• increasing efficiency in all processes from LPG procurement to sale,
• aiming to create value for all stakeholders.

In 2019, Aygaz expects sales volume of 295-310 thousand tons in cylinder gas and 695-735 thousand tons in autogas. Accordingly, market share is forecasted to be 41.5%-43.5% in cylinder gas and 21.4%-22.6% in autogas market.

Aygaz Doğal Gaz ​
Established in 2004 and a subsidiary of Aygaz, Aygaz Doğal Gaz is engaged in the sale of natural gas through pipelines to eligible consumers. It also has wholesale and transmission operations to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) to customers who do not have access to natural gas by pipeline through special transport vehicles. Aygaz Doğal Gaz reached a sales volume of 0.9 billion m3 in 2018.  



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