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Generic brand of the LPG market
Koç Holding began its activities in the energy sector with Aygaz in 1961. As the generic brand of the Turkish LPG market, Aygaz uninterruptedly sustained its pioneering position and continued its growth based on solid accomplishments. The first publicly-traded company to be active in the LPG sector, Aygaz is Turkey’s 13th largest industrial company according to the 2015 rankings of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, also ranking 25th in the Turkey Fortune 500 listings.

In its core business field, Aygaz distributes LPG as autogas, cylinder gas, and bulk gas; manufactures and sells LPG cylinders, tanks, valves and regulators locally and internationally. Aygaz also produces and markets LPG-operated devices, and carries out LPG marine transportation.

Aygaz aims to sustain its leadership and further improve its profitability by expanding its market share in all segments it operates. The company’s strategic goal is, in both Turkey and other potential markets, to develop alternative projects providing diversified solutions for energy requirements primarily in LPG and natural gas.

Continuously the highest customer satisfaction
According to the results of an independent customer satisfaction survey, which has been conducted since 2003 and was repeated in 2015, Aygaz continually maintains its position as having the highest customer satisfaction score in the sector both in cylinder gas and autogas.

Closely watching its customers’ needs, Aygaz proactively improves the quality of its services and products. The service quality of Aygaz is ensured primarily by its broad distribution network. The company meets its customers’ requirements in a fast and reliable manner carrying its quality of services and products to all corners of Turkey by means of 2,129 cylinder gas dealers and 1,750 autogas stations in 81 provinces. Thanks to this strong and broad distribution network, Aygaz cylinders enter into more than 80 thousand houses/workplaces every day. Meanwhile, more than 1 million vehicles are driven daily with Aygaz Otogaz.

2015: The year of records and innovations in LPG procurement
Aygaz is the sole importer of nearly 46% of Turkey’s LPG. It procures LPG partly from Tüpraş, and the rest through imports. In a year that the market faced with supply deficiency in Turkey, the amount procured by Aygaz reached above 2 million tons thanks to its active role and reputable position in the global LPG market.

Closely monitoring the recent developments in the world, Aygaz has been the first company, which imported shale gas-based LPG from the US to Turkey.