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Developments in the banking sector
2018 was a challenging year for Turkey. The uncertainty caused by volatility in exchange and interest rates in August and September gave way to re-balancing in the last months of the year with implementation of effective policies incorporating support from government and regulatory authorities.

The volatility in the economy required the banking sector to take a number of steps to safeguard liquidity, capital adequacy and asset quality and to follow developments in these areas more closely. In this period, supported also by actions taken by the authorities, the banking sector remained resilient thanks to its robust liquidity position, strong capital structure as well as balanced and healthy growth policies.

Total loans grew by 14% to TL 2,311 billion, impacted also by the rising currency while the total deposit base rose by 19% to TL 2,021 billion.

As a result of the slowdown in economic activity and volatility in financial markets, asset quality in the sector deteriorated slightly and the NPL ratio was 3.7% by the end of the year.

In 2018, net profit of the sector increased by 8.2% to TL 51.4 billion and return on equity stood at 13.7%. On the capital front, the sector’s capital adequacy ratio was realized at 16.9%.


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