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​​​The Group’s Perspective or Corporate Citizenship is Focused On Efficiency and Being Proactive In Risk Management. The Group’s Way Of Doing Business and Its Outlook on Its Resources are Based On This Premise. Koç Group Aims to Use Limited Resources Effectively and Prudently and To Produce Lasting Value Through A Sustainable Approach. Acting In Concert With The Maxim Of Our Founder, Vehbi Koç, ‘’I Live And Prosper With My Country’’, We Continue To Foster Turkey’s Social Development.

Utilizing resources more effectively is not only a requirement for a prudent and responsible business but is also the obligation of a responsible citizenry. We believe that using resources, bestowed on us by the world, with utmost care reflects our respect for the world and the environment, for humanity and future generations, and for ourselves.

With an enrooted corporate culture, the Koç Group is a member of the Turkish business community, especially in one of its strongest social aspects: Each year, the Koç Group supports many various social sharing projects through corporate citizenship awareness. The Koç Group funded many projects to advance society’s quality of life where the Group operates and works with the aim to fulfil our obligations towards our employees and their families, our local community, and our other stakeholders.

The Koç Group and its companies, undertaking a mission to create a spirited Turkey for future generations, places absolute importance on supporting long-term and socially gainful projects with permanent benefits. Conscious of the importance of social responsibility, and its leading role in the society, the Group invests predominantly in education, health, culture, arts and environment. We are encouraged by the fact that any investment we make in these areas fills a void in our country’s development. Contributing to society and considering our growth as an integral part of the development of our society, constitute our basic philosophy.

Koç Group aims to use limited resources effectively and prudently and to produce lasting value through a sustainable approach. The leadership of the late Vehbi Koç, the founder of Koç Group, in social responsibility is personified in the Vehbi Koç Foundation. The Group’s perspective of corporate citizenship is focused on efficiency and being proactive in risk management. The Group’s way of doing business and its outlook on its resources are based on this premise. Koç Family, in the 40th year of Vehbi Koç Foundation, was honoured by one of the most prestigious award in the World ‘’Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy’’ for its contributions to the society

Further, The Koç Family received the BNP Paribas “Philanthropy Award” in 2011, for their pioneering and exemplary work. BNP Paribas is a leader institution in global banking and financial services and is considered one of the six most powerful banks in the world.

Our second Corporate Social Responsibility Report, like the first, aims to share with the public those projects carried out by our Group and our stakeholders to support individual development, to partake in developing the local economy, to lead in protecting and preserving the environment, and to create sustainable economic growth as a continuation of social awareness.

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