Life in Koç

Industrial Relations

Koç Group achieves its goals with the strength which derives from its human resources. In addition to the continuous development of our colleagues, protection and development of their rights is one of our main priorities. Koç Group, which is also a party to the United Nations Global Compact, aims to maintain and promote a continuous, sound and constructive social dialogue with employees and unions.

For this purpose, industrial relations management has an important place in the Human Resources structure. One of the main reflections of the industrial relations understanding and organizational structure within the scope of the Group is the respect shown to the union organization and collective agreement rights of Koç employees.

Collective agreements are signed in our companies and enterprises in different business lines where unions are organized, and the rights and social development of our colleagues are protected through these agreements and are promoted in each collective bargaining period. In addition, good practices become widespread through regular industrial relations coordination meetings to ensure the development of industrial relations throughout the Group.