Performance Management

Koç Dialogue

With the new performance system strategy launched in 2021, our aim is to not only measure performance, but also achieve continuous dialogue and development. The system is based on the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) methodology, and within it, we have restricted ourselves to a maximum of five objectives. We have arranged for the distribution of goals to begin from the level of a general manager and flow in exactly the opposite direction, that is, from the departments to the administrative level. Meanwhile, it is now possible to revise objectives during the course of the year, in relation to changing circumstances. Among the annual goals, one is defined as a team objective, an approach which engenders a collective and agile working environment. As part of our focus on continuous development, at least one of our goals is identified as a personal development objective. And in order to create a transparent performance system, the goals have been rendered visible: everyone is able to see each other’s objective in real time.

The most outstanding feature of our performance system is the manner in which it is supported by continuous dialogue. Two mechanisms have been put in place to ensure the continuity of dialogue: Through the “Instant Feedback” facility, everyone, regardless of their role, position, or level of experience, is able to exchange ideas with others. And the “Check-in Meetings” distributed throughout the year also support a continuous flow of dialogue; these are assessment sessions in which fundamental topics like objectives, personal development, and career are discussed. With the behavioural criteria integrated into the assessment scale of our performance system, we are now able to evaluate not only what was achieved, but how it was achieved. Even if the targeted business outcomes have not been met, the attitude, commitment, and effort displayed in the process are important factors that inform the appraisal. In our performance system, technology has been deployed in a most effective manner. Based on specialised software that is user-friendly, transparent, agile, flexible, supportive of collaboration, and which enables access via a variety of platforms, we have provided our colleagues with an efficient, modern digital facility.