Breakthrough innovation to improve lives and enhance services

We aim to grow our business with new business models, products and services that improve lives in bold and innovative ways. Our customers are often the first to benefit from our innovations but, by finding new ways of thinking and working, we also support wider society to become more sustainable, connected and prosperous.

Bold investments for the long-term

We make bold investments in transformative ideas for the long term. Our healthy attitude to risk means we’re not afraid to fail fast and learn fast from our mistakes. We see the benefits of sharing and acting on what we learn from one Koç Group company to another.

Keeping innovation on the agenda for sustainable success

To stay relevant and resilient, businesses need to develop innovative processes and business models that are based on creative and new ideas. Our stakeholders have a clear view that innovative businesses are sustainable businesses. We believe innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, especially when it comes to delivering business growth and solving complex sustainability challenges.

Innovation with a sustainability focus improves quality of life, protects the environment and serves communities. By looking for large-scale, transformative ideas and taking calculated risks when we find them, we can make substantial contributions to all the SDGs and ensure our customers, society and our business thrive together.

Inspiring intrapreneurship: The Koç Innovation Program

We launched the Koç Innovation Program to build a group-wide culture of innovation and intrapreneurship, with the ultimate goal of integrating innovation into our core business processes. Its key principles are rapid experimentation, learning by doing, being flexible and adopting a long-term approach. Intrapreneurs across Koç Group companies are supported with training, mentoring and consultancy. Another important aspect of the Koç Innovation Program is open innovation; we support group companies to develop and commercialize products and services throughout partnerships with start-ups, universities and entrepreneurs.