Life in Koç

Compensation and Fliexible Benefits

Group Compensation Management Principles

The compensation management system of our Group is based on job sizes, salary market data, salary policy and performance parameters. We determine the work sizes that form the basis of the compensation management system through technical job evaluation. We apply an evaluation system based on the content of the job, regardless of title and person. In the job evaluation process, we use an international system that measures the contribution of all jobs to achieve business goals and ensures that they are ranked according to their responsibility levels. After evaluations, we determine our salary policies on the basis of graduality. We follow the salary markets closely with national and international market researches throughout the Group, and as a result of market analyzes, we implement a fair and competitive salary policy. We care about rewarding success without hesitation and making it sustainable for all employees of our Group.

Flexible Side Benefits

In order to support wage management with additional benefits, we include flexible side benefits in line with the expectations and needs of our colleagues. With Flextra, our flexible side benefits program, we enable our colleagues to use their rights freely in the direction they need.

Our employees can reorganize the existing side benefits provided by the Koç Group according to their personal needs. Our colleagues are offered more than 250 side benefits in nearly 30 brands from insurance to electronics, from accommodation to shopping balances and they can use their flexible side benefit budgets as they wish among these alternatives.