Life in Koç

Recruitment Experience

Koç Kariyerim

Koç Group’s new career platform Koç Kariyerim brings together in a single location all job opportunities in Turkey and abroad, from more than 10 sectors and 100 group companies. With a focus on user experience and the multitude of functionalities provided on the platform, our aim with Koç Kariyerim is to provide an enhanced end-to-end recruitment experience for Koç employees, and those wishing to join us. Using the available features, candidates can quickly sign up on the platform simply by using their LinkedIn profile, easily navigate to the desired type of opportunities with the detailed job postings search facility, and monitor the progress of their applications. Moreover, for our users who share their competencies and details of the company they are interested in, we provide a personalised experience by sending them instant notifications of matching openings.

Candidate Experience

We consider every candidate who applies for a job at Koç Group as a part of this family, and we go through equal and fair evaluation processes without any discrimination. We inform every candidate who applies to our group at every stage of the process, support them to freely share all their questions and requests regarding the process, and give clear and understandable feedback to them. We ensure that all recruitment processes are managed only by people with the necessary competencies. We do not include a candidate to the evaluation stages who had previously applied for a job to one of the Koç Group companies and already went through the evaluation stages when she/he applies to a different Group company. We carry out recruitment processes with quality-oriented and objective methods.

Orientation Experience

With our orientation program, which starts after the recruitment processes are completed, we ensure that our newcomers have a more comfortable transition period. By carrying out all our orientation processes on a digital platform, we provide a homogeneous practice throughout the Group. At the same time, we ensure that our new colleagues, who join our Group, carry out the document exchange and communication needs they will need when starting work on this platform and ensure efficient use of time and energy.


Internship at Koç

We consider internship as the first stage of recruitment, and our interns as “Koç candidates”. Each year, we provide internship opportunities in our both domestic and abroad group companies to the students from Turkey and world’s leading universities. We evaluate each candidate equally, fairly and objectively, and provide our interns with a high-quality internship experience with the responsibilities and the social rights we provide. We change our relationship with our interns from a periodical to a continuous dialogue, and we aim to turn the relationship that started with the internship into a business relationship. With the Koç Group Digital Career Meetings, which was held the first in 2020 with the participation of our 29 Group companies, we provide our university student friends with the opportunity to have online meetings with the human resources experts and managers of our companies, to get detailed information about the career opportunities in our companies and to apply for internships to our companies.