Life in Koç

Equal Opportunities In The Workplace

Based on the concepts of "equality" and "being a part of Koç", which are among the most important building blocks of our group culture, we provide a non-discriminatory work environment for all our colleagues. We want that all Koç employees feel valued and equal, regardless of their gender, age, profession, expertise or experience.

There is no office-field employee distinction in Koç Group. Everyone benefits equally from the dining halls and recreation areas in our companies. By opening company e-mail accounts not only to our office employees colleagues, but also to our field employees, we ensure that all Koç employees are informed about the information and announcements about our Group at the same time, and that they can be decisive on the results by voting in participatory processes within the Group. Regardless of whether they are office or field employees, we offer private health insurance to all our colleagues, which they can include their spouses and children.

With Turkey's first and largest corporate privilege KoçAilem platform, besides our colleagues and their families, we aim to make our retirees, dealers and Koç University students feel privileged in every aspect of their lives. With KoçAilem, which has been designed based on the needs of our colleagues and has 150 thousand members, we provide special privileges for Koç members in more than 15 thousand points with our collaborations with more than 200 brands in more than 15 sectors. All Koç employees benefit from these privileges equally. In addition to discounts, KoçAilem also includes many cultural and social activities that will appeal to our colleagues and their families. With the KoçAilem mobile application, we provide a digital second-hand platform where our colleagues can securely shop among themselves. And we also offer KoçAilem Peer to Peer Blood Donation Platform which is our digital solution that allows them to get support from each other in case of possible blood need.

We also offer equal training and development opportunities to our colleagues. With Koç Academy, the online training platform of our Group, we provide video training content to all our colleagues and their families in the areas they need. Our colleagues working both in the office and in the field can log in with their corporate e-mails and access more than 12 thousand training videos in many topics such as future expertise, personal development, professional development and hobbies, both on mobile and on the web. 

With Koç Group Sports Club, which aims to promote sports and healthy living activities in all segments of the society, we organize sports organizations, branch schools and trainings for Koç employees. The biggest organization to contribute to the development of the physical and mental health of our colleagues is the Koç Group Sports Festival. The Koç Group Sports Festival, started by our founder Vehbi Koç in 1989, has now become an international sports organization. Our colleagues working in the fields and offices compete in the same team regardless of position or title in the festival that 6.000 Koç athletes from all over the world attended.