Life in Koç

Health And Life Benefits

We provide private health insurance to all Koç employees, regardless of being a field or office employee. Together with our colleagues and their spouses and children, we bring 168 thousand people together with private health services. We care that Koç employees have the assurance of being Koç employees not only in their active working life but also after retirement.
We offer additional social security and support to community employees and their families who are members of the Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Fund Foundation, in many areas from health insurance to financial support.
We attach equal importance to the inclusive practices that improve the experience of our colleagues not only in business life but also in social life. With Turkey’s largest and the most comprehensive corporate loyalty program KoçAilem, we offer privileges in many areas of their social life, from shopping to entertainment, travel to health to our colleagues and their family.

We support the expanse of sports and healthy life activities in all segments of the society. We organize sports, social and cultural events under the roof of Koç Group Sports Club. 

We organize sports organizations, branch schools and trainings for both our colleagues and their families.

With KoçAilem Peer to Peer Blood Donation Platform which offers a digital solution for tough days, we ensure that our colleagues and their relatives communicate among each other in case of urgent need for blood in the fastest way possible.