Life in Koç

The Future Of The Business, The Business Of The Future

The Future of the Business, The Business of the Future

With the digital transformation, technological advances, rapid changes in market priorities and employee expectations, the way of doing business is undergoing a unique transformation. 

As Koç Group, we are developing and implementing our business on "flexible working models of the future" in order to create more dynamic, flexible and agile work environments for our colleagues. We also renew all our processes from development opportunities to performance management in accordance with the needs of flexible working models.

Agile Transformation

Today's business world is moving away from hierarchical structures and departments that are managed from top to bottom. We are constantly improving our organizations in line with the needs of the age in order to adapt to the rapidly changing business world with developing technologies and to remain agile. We are taking innovative steps to reduce the hierarchy, make quick decisions and increase our implementation speed. We aim to enter into a cultural transformation by spreading our agile practices to all business areas and to adapt all mechanisms to this approach.


Shared Talent Pool

With our shared talent pool and rotation opportunities, we offer our talents to rotate in Group companies and gain new experiences. 

We are realizing the opportunity for our colleagues to take part in the intra-company projects depending upon the speciality and claim, as well as flexible working initiatives.

Performance Management

As Koç Group, we adopt a performance management approach that supports the new ways of doing business, accelerates digital transformation and agile working processes, focuses on the future rather than measuring the past, supports continuous exchange of ideas and uninterrupted dialogue. In our annual performance-improvement evaluations, we consider not only business results, but also how the person is in teamwork while achieving the business results, and how they add value to the organization. 

Work-Life Integration and Flexible Work

While the business world is transforming with the technological developments and the innovative perspectives of the new generations, the business life is becoming free rapidly. Now we can easily do our work from our home, our favorite cafe, a holiday resort or even the remotest corner of the world. Thus, we prioritize human resources practices providing a healthy work-life integration. In this context, we provide our colleagues with the opportunity to work from home at least once a week.