Future Talent

Finding, training and keeping the best

In considering the future of our industries, it’s important we understand what kind of skillsets will best support our globally competitive business. We want our workplace to be more flexible, agile, dynamic, bold, collaborative and entrepreneurial – and more appealing to the best emerging talent as a result.

Developing people is business as usual

We create opportunities for our people to grow above their potential by offering training against a backdrop of constant change. It’s something we’ve been proud of since our beginnings and it remains a priority today.

Facing the skills shortage

Globally, there’s a shortage of some of the most skilled talent that a business like ours needs to grow and succeed. Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills are in particular demand, as are multifaceted thinkers who can use their minds to tackle the complex interdisciplinary challenges facing business and society. To build a resilient business, we need to grow and strengthen our talent pipeline and give people the skills and the motivation they need to prosper in tomorrow’s workplace.

Digital industrial technology has big implications for future talent

Disruptive changes to business models will have deep implications for employment. Tomorrow’s workplace will see people and machines working more closely alongside each other than ever before. Jobs and skills will change as processes become ever more automated. We think this can be an opportunity for all, but we must give people the skillsets they need to succeed in the new business world.

Shaping future with our employees

Koç Group designs and implements effective talent management strategies which combine creativity, flexibility and technology with productivity and employee engagement. We launched the LEAD platform in 2016 to improve professional skills for different management levels by means of integrated programs incorporating online trainings, coaching and personal development. Our employees master new skills that help them adapt to the new business landscape, and help shape the future of Koç Group through our state of the art partnerships. In cooperation with Udacity, we offer a wide range of technical training, from coding to data analysis. Every year, five senior executives and five high-potential individuals attend Harvard Business School. Female talents expand their influence by Columbia Business School’s Women in Leadership Program. Employees at all levels deliver career development plans at widely used Koç Akademi platform.