Diversity and Inclusion

Creating an equal opportunity workplace

We work hard to cultivate a diverse and inclusive place to work where men and women feel valuable and valued, whether they work in office or industrial roles. Our focus is creating an inclusive culture for a more productive and collaborative workplace across our industrial plants.

Staying true to our progressive values

Our values and track record for being a progressive organisation have led us to champion diversity and inclusion for many years. We continue to honour our progressive values and show our commitment to international best practices.

Diversity and inclusion is good for business…

We recognise the value of adopting international business norms where everyone’s contribution counts and diversity is seen as a strength. Diversity and inclusion cover many dimensions, but all are good for business. Diverse organisations outperform those that are less-well balanced. And organisations where everyone feels valued have higher employee engagement scores, which in turn results in increased productivity.

…and good for sustainability

We also fundamentally believe that diverse and inclusive workplaces open up opportunities to drive sustainable behaviours. They are better governed, have richer skillsets, encourage creative thinking and align better with the varied interests of customers and stakeholders.  

Equal Opportunities for All:

We launched a series of initiatives to offer equal opportunities to our employees at all levels. We endeavour to address the needs of all genders, ages and job categories to offer a decent work environment. We’ve reformulated training programmes and updated our support systems to cover all job categories.

We also provided enchanced and equal means of communication for all of our employees. We’ve also revisited our work environment with a gender lens so that all positions are more conducive to women- like mentoring during and after maternity leave, enchanced child care and workplace safety. We work to eliminate all kinds of discrimination and biases through trainings on gender norms.